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Hi We are White Weasel Studio

Hi folks.

We are a professional miniature painting studio based in Spain and we are eager to share all our commissions with you.

We do from massive armies focused on Warhammer 40K to single...

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Kingdom Death Monster core set

Hi folks.

This is this the first gallery we want you to show. A Kingdom Death Monster core box and a few models from the expansion sets. We have chosen a custom and grim color schemes to bring a...

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War Thunder Operation F.R.O.S.T - USSR TIS MA

Decided to have a crack at unlocking the new USSR TIS MA premium aircraft in the Operation F.R.O.S.T event, got the 5th Air Arcade medal tonight so managed to unlock it. Not sure when I'll get around...
shot 2019.12.29 20.08.01.jpg
shot 2019.12.29 20.07.45.jpg

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Merry Christmas

I don't know if anyone even visits the site any more, but Merry Christmas to anyone that does.

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War Thunder Air Arcade - almost top 50 monthly by WR

Ove the past few months I've not played World of Tanks, having been convinced to play War Thunder Air Arcade by a couple of close friends. We generally play whatever the mission dictates - bombing if...
shot 2019.03.15 14.49.01.jpg

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