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Will you escape the Infested Swamp? - Diorama fantasy

"Hello adventurer, are you lost? Don't worry, I can help you finding your way. Follow this path through the swamp and once you passed the abandonned hut, you'll be safe.
... But adventurer,...

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Warhammer 40K app

Has anyone downloaded it? And more importantly, has anyone subscribed?

It’s it worth it is what I really want to know. I’ve also seen a rumour it’s going to allow you to make Army lists...

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The Wizard's Lab - Diorama fantasy

"Busy fighting trolls and dragons, the wizard left his laboratory unattended. Will you succeed in finding the ancient scroll containing his most powerful spells ?"

Here is my new diorama:...

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Blue Smaug

Hi, everyone!

As a mercenary commission painting company, we are always eager to get interesting and challenging miniatures, those that you only paint once or twice in your lifetime. Today we are...

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Harlequins army (wh40k)

Hi, everyone!

The new Warhammer 40K edition is hitting hard these days and it’s making that most of our customers are getting new units for their existing collections. Others are directly acquiring...

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BrokenToad Brushes and Brush Soap - Now in stock

Gaming Figures are pleased to announce that we now stock the locally made, BrokenToad range of brushes and brush soap. 

Warcry, Necromunda and Titanicus pre orders - 20% Discount

Space Marines and Necron Pre orders - 20% Discount.

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