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View the latest post May 2016 Painting Contest

1, 2

Ok! Something new here!

As per the Contest Line Up posted last month, we're now doing specific models each month!

To start it off, we have a lovely little one that everyone can do! (in theory!)


Bases, mud huts, bunkers, skyscrapers, galaxy spanning space stations!

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View the latest post Contest Line Up 2016

Here we are! every contest for the rest of the year!

Open to opinions, if you want more of say... single figure, say so and i'll rejig it!

April: PainterOf The Month Freestyle

May: Scenery - Barricades to Tower Blocks! Your choice!

June: Elite Miniature(s) (This one is debatable...

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Imperial Assault: The Bespin Gambit - Now in stock

Not every battle is fought between legions of troops or flights of starfighters. Some battles are fought with information, secrets, and covert operations, pitting the bravest Rebel Spies against the terrifying Imperial Security Bureau. Now, you can bring this shadow war to your games of Imperial Assault with The Bespin Gambit expansion!

We also have 4 booster packs in the form of ISB Infiltrators Villain Pack, Agent Blaise ISB Interrogator, Bossk Born Hunter and Lando Calrissian Charming Gambler.

More details ...

Warhammer Quest: Silver Tower - 20% discount

Warhammer Quest was originally released back in 1994, so as you can imagine it has been a while since this game was out (22 years actually) and when this was released it became an instant cult classic amongst gamers and customers of all types. 

It was self-contained, had infinite playability, and lead to a further 12 Characters, 2 expansions and a life span of almost 8 years, something truly unheard of for effectively a none main stream game. It Was HUGE.

Skip forward to 2013 and, through a computer games company, it was reborn with an App based game for the Apple devices. Currently it is sat at over one (1) million downloads and with over a further 10,000 for Android users… let that sink in a little. Over a million people play this game online already. The cult following it had has not gone away. 

You now have a chance to get on board with this game and share in the success of such a beloved gaming system and a piece of true gaming nostalgia. 

Welcome to Warhammer Quest… you adventure is just beginning.

More details ...

Warhammer Quest Silver Tower - Coming soon to advance order

Released 21st May 2016.

Just a couple of the forthcoming miniatures for Warhammer Quest: Silver Tower.

More details ...

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View the latest post Lost Patrol????

Seen a couple of articles on Spikey Bits FB page about a new game called Lost Patrol.
Don't know if this is going to be another US only release as it seems I've only seen it on Spikey Bits?
Anyone got any other info? Gav, have you had any info on it?...

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View the latest post Battle of Vedros

http://geekdad.com/2016/02/games-worksh ... mer-40000/

Anyone else seen this. Looks like they are releasing the old Black Reach sprues for this?...

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View the latest post Site maintenance due soon

The site may be inaccessible for a few hours sometime within the next 5 days, I'm hoping downtime will be minimal and it may not even be noticeable, but there's a small chance it could be out for a few hours. More details to follow.

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View the latest post Specialist Games Return!

Hey all,

Initially a couple of rogue GW managers around the world released Info of the new specialist games wing of GW.

It's now been confirmed as a wing of FW to bring back the classics like Epic, Necro and BFG. In a stylised release like...

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Casting with Hydrocal Tutorial

This is my second video tutorial. It naturally follows on the heels of the mold making tutorial.

KInG will be "jazzing" it up a bit in the near future, adding in some music and stuff. But for those who cant wait, I'd like you to take a look and let me know what you think!


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Mold Making Tutorial

1, 2

Hi all.

Here's a link to a tutorial I put together on how to make a silicon rubber mold.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P5SluiU ... e=youtu.be

Comments and criticisms are most welcome, but please keep in mind that;

1-It's my first attempt at a video tutorial and,

2-The products I use are what's available in the US, your mileage may...

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BHGS Oxford Pairs

by DaBoss on Tue Oct 27, 2015 3:35 pm
After having a few problems getting a partner to join me at the Tournament, I paired up with Neil Moulden taking Natchjager British Tank Company with Cromwells and Challengers.
Myself taking my trusted...

[ Continued ]

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Predator P1 Bio 1/4 scale 3D modelling continued

by Spack on Thu Mar 26, 2015 9:01 pm

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Predator bio mask 1/4 scale modelling

by Spack on Tue Feb 24, 2015 6:10 pm
I've recently come into possession of a number of NECA 1/4 scale Predator figures, including the "classic" Jungle Hunter from the first movie with the "closed mouth" head. I've wanted...

[ Continued ]

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April 2016 Voting Poll

/Wild chanting


Welcome! To Talusdome! \ o /

Three entrants, 1 vote each, poll runs for two days...


I mean, vote away!

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April 2016 Painting Contest

1, 2

Welcome to another edition of ''Insert Witty Comment Here!"

You should all know the routine by now, but lets just recap:

Entries should be entered in a new/unpainted state, though primed/base...

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