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Salamanders Successor Chapter “Sons of Vulkan”

Hi folks,

We love painting your Warhammer 40K armies so believe when I say that we have really enjoyed doing the one we bring you today.

Our customer had in mind a custom chapter, a scheme based on...

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Tor Garadon Primaris Imperial Fists army

Hi folks,

Primaris Space Marines is one of the most common factions in our studio. Every month there are several projects involving the Angels of Death of the Emperor but this one has been special....

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Night Lords army

Hi guys,

Glad to be back here with a new commission carried out by our team. This time we move to Warhammer 30K where the Night Lords were still a loyal Space Marine Legion. This is the era that...

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Anyone bought into the re-release? We've been enjoying it so far :)

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WHW Space Marine Command Tanks


Any lurkers living near WHW, able to do me a favor and pick up a Set of the Command Tanks?

Won’t be able to travel back to UK for a while, will pay for item and postage!


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