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View the latest post FORUM RULES!

In order to maintain some sort of order in the anarchy that is the internet, there are some rules to follow when using the site. Please read them carefully.

(1) No profanity. This site is used by people of all ages.

(2) No posting of copyrighted material. No posting links to download copyrighted...

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Citadel Air Paints Now Available To Order

Gamingfigures is pleased to announce that we will be stocking the new Citadel Air range of paints which are due out 5th September.

The Citadel Air range includes 51 of the most popular colours from the Base and Layer paint ranges, each specially formulated for use with an airbrush. While the consistency of an Air paint is much thinner than its namesake (so it doesn’t clog up the airbrush when it’s used), the colour is identical, enabling you to tidy up minor mistakes with the matching Base or Layer paint if you need to.
There are also two additional products, a cleaner for flushing out the nozzle of your airbrush and the Air Caste Thinner, which you can use to dilute your Air paints to make them more translucent.

The Citadel Air range is currently only available from www.games-workshop.com , selected independent stockists and in-store order points.

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New Rubicon 28mm Kits Coming Next Month

News from Rubicon is that there are 6 new 28mm plastic kits coming in a couple of weeks.

The kits are 5 vehicles which include: Crusader Tank, Opel Blitz Truck, M3 half track, M8 Scott/M5A1 Stuart (mid war) and M5A1 Stuart/M5A1 Recce.

The sixth kit is a German Storage Set to help model your German tanks with extra equipment.

These kits are now available to advance order at 15% discount. 


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Star Wars X-wing Wave 7 Now in Stock

That's right folks, I have just taken my delivery of the new ships for X-wing.

For Scum & Villainy we have the Hounds Tooth & the Kihraxz Fighter.  For the Rebels we have the K-wing and the Imperial get the Tie Punisher.

All these are available at 15% off the normal rrp.

For all you Infinity fans we also have in stock the new USAriadna Sectorial Army Pack which comes with a limited edition figure included in the box. These are only available while stocks last.


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View the latest post New WFB Up for Advance Order

1, 2

As the title says, it's up on the GW website for advance order. I had a quick look and all I can say is WTF? What have they done to it? It looks like they have completely ripped the whole thing apart and started again. While this may be welcome I will...

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View the latest post Warriors of Warwick Tournament - 8th Feb

Hi guys

There are still 7 tickets left for my Warriors of Warwick; Winter Campaign tournament on the 8th of Feb. It's taking place at the University of Warwick near Coventry (about an 1.5 hour drive from Wycombe). 2500 points using a slightly changed...

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View the latest post Total War Warhammer Announced

Colour me excited! It's been announce that Creative Assembly are doing a Total War game set in the Warhammer universe! Awesome.

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View the latest post WFB due for overhaul?

1, 2

Ok, this has caused a bit of chat on a few other sites, and I thought "I wonder what the AoS members make of this?" - since it's been a little quieter here of late!

This cropped up on BoLS (Link) - and it appears that there is going to...

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Casting with Hydrocal Tutorial

This is my second video tutorial. It naturally follows on the heels of the mold making tutorial.

KInG will be "jazzing" it up a bit in the near future, adding in some music and stuff. But for those who cant wait, I'd like you to take a look and let me know what you think!


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Mold Making Tutorial

1, 2

Hi all.

Here's a link to a tutorial I put together on how to make a silicon rubber mold.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P5SluiU ... e=youtu.be

Comments and criticisms are most welcome, but please keep in mind that;

1-It's my first attempt at a video tutorial and,

2-The products I use are what's available in the US, your mileage may...

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Predator P1 Bio 1/4 scale 3D modelling continued

by Spack on Thu Mar 26, 2015 9:01 pm

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Predator bio mask 1/4 scale modelling

by Spack on Tue Feb 24, 2015 6:10 pm
I've recently come into possession of a number of NECA 1/4 scale Predator figures, including the "classic" Jungle Hunter from the first movie with the "closed mouth" head. I've wanted...

[ Continued ]

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Minecraft Sword

by Spack on Sat Feb 01, 2014 1:57 pm
So my son wanted a Minecraft sword to run around the house with. I've managed to stay well away from Minecraft, but decided to make him one out of cardboard instead of dropping a large amount of cash on...

[ Continued ]

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Salute 2015

Who's going to Salute this year?

I've been but missed out for the last 3 years due to demoing games all day. This year I'm going as a punter to spend some money and actually see stuff!

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Halloween Special Voting Poll

Well here we go, the last contest drawing to an end

and the first one to get a voting poll early!

so, as there are 4 entrants, you get 1 vote each, which can be recast if you change your...

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