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Apocalypse Homebrew - Make Your Own Templates

For discussing and developing homebrew datasheets for Apocalypse

Postby killmaimburn » Sun Oct 28, 2007 12:14 pm

Guffle thats all i can say (mostly because of a mouthfull of food)

Hope this is ok to stick here.DIY templates
Ok lets see, all this is based on p97 of the book you bought and the numbers involved there, I've done this so that you can create *spare* templates for if you want to build mine fields etc using a big weapon, where multiples are required.I’ve done this as if you know nothing, because, well ..we don’t really its been 14 years since I last handled any of the following equipment.I haven’t mentioned distances just in case it would get me in trouble.

You will need compass (this sort ) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Compass_(drafting)

You will need a protractor http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Protractor (unless you are a stirling young fella with maths still in his mind able to bisect angles casually etc)
Pencil and some sheets of card bigger than a4 (I used unfolded cereal boxes)

*Massive blast marker- Simple circle, get compass, set it to half the distance mentioned (the radius of the circle), Stick compass in middle of a sheet of paper draw circle.

*Apocalyptic blast marker- the same just adjust the compass to half the distance measured in the picture of that marker.

* Hellstorm
1Draw a straight line the length mentioned,
2Set your compass to half the other measurement mentioned (the radius of the half circle)
3Put the point at the end of your straight line and mark the area where its circular route crosses your nice straight line.
4Place your compass point on this converging point and draw a circle (same measurement you just used).
5From the upper most point draw a line to the other end of your existing straight line. (if you really want to be precise about where the top bit is, us a protractor from the cross (point 3) it should be 90 degrees from the straight existing line upwards\downwards.)
(EDIT my brain recovered a shred of the old learnings, stick your compass in the centre of the circle, shrink the compass length, mark the line on either side with this,place the compass point in these crosses, make the compass length much longer and make dashs, these form crosses, which make a point directly above\below the starting point- dang I paid way too much attention at school)

The apocalyptic barrage template (this one might take you upto 10 minutes, read through, draft, whatever works best for you. Have a peek at the included picture to make it all fit in your mind)
1) Set your compass to half the measurement listed on page 97 (this is the radius of your circles no other measurements other than 90 degrees are used).
2) draw said circle
3)(if, like me, you didn't mark the middle) From the edge of the circle draw a faint semi circle inside the existing circle, do this form 3 points on the edge, the meeting place of all of these is the middle of the circle.(we won't make that mistake again now will we)
4) Draw a straight line from one edge of the circle through the centre to the other side.
5)Use your protractor to go 90 degrees up and down from the centre point (3)of this line (4) to make a cross inside the circle (these points are the edge pointers of the outer circles)
6)Use your protractor from these points (the horizontal tips of the cross in 5) to go 90 degrees up and down (mark these directions)
(EDIT alternative\improvement, use your compass from point 5+6 to form a cross, this is the centre of the new circle)
7)If you want using your ruler you may now draw a square connecting all the dots, (I didn't). I just did 2 vertical lines (half the measurement listed up, half the measurement listed down) from the 2 points from my original line.
8, So we now have a point half the radius of the circle above the edge point (on my diagram this is marked 8)- (note I used my compass from point 6 to check) From this point- draw a circle, repeat that another 3 times and you have created the template.

Yes mine doesn't look as pretty as yours thats because this was my first attempt and with jotting down stuff it only took 4 minutes- I figured it would help if you saw a scrappy one with the workin out on)

Now to find out which office has an a3 laminator!! (so you don’t have to do it every game)
At the very least paper wise you will need a square twice the distance listed on page 97 for this one.(a4 isn’t wide enough)bigger should be used unless you can guarantee your first point is in the dead centre. (I used a 24 pack box of weetabix)
Is nik around?
I know he has a maths degree somewhere, he could probably remove half my points.(theres got to be someabstraction from drawing a square (that distance) that lets you auto build it, but I couldn't figure that out.

Now we can start making whirlwinds combine etc :lol: :lol: :book1
Heres one I made earliers!! :qgreenjumpers
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Postby Isiah » Mon Nov 26, 2007 4:55 pm

Hey this is great. Will be giving this a go for sure.

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Postby Lastie » Tue Nov 27, 2007 12:22 pm

Nice work there killmainburn!
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Postby Ben » Tue Nov 27, 2007 2:26 pm

I was thinking of cutting and etching an Apoc master template but making a super heavy blast would be a lot of fun. A 2' square piece of plexi would hold that easily.

Edit: Would there be interest in having some of these templates in acrylic? I ask because I could order some sheets from here. I can cut those to the proper size and shape and then mail them out. I am a caster on the Female IG project so I know that it can be more expensive with shipping overseas but if you guys are interested it can be a fun project.
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