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1500p Ork fun list

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1500p Ork fun list

Postby boomstick » Mon Jul 07, 2008 4:07 pm

Well my original Ork army was designed along a more feral theme but I'm not sure how to do that in the new book.

The General plan for the army is a very typical straight down the middle with the boys and using flanking Deftkopters and Snikrot to deal with anything that annoys me. This list is designed with 5th ed in mind and have gone for what i like the look of first but that can change.

Big Mek
Shokk Attack Gun 95

Warp Head 85

10x Kommandos
2x Burnas
Boss Snikrott 215

20x Boyz
2x Rokkit Launcher 140

20x Boyz
2x Big Shoota 130

24x Boyz
2x Rokkit Launcher
Power Claw 199

20x Boyz
2x Rokkit Launcher
Power Claw 175

10x Boyz
Eavy Armour
Stikk Bombs
Big Shoota
Power Claw 150
Rokkit Launcha
Grot Riggers 45

Fast Attack
Big Bomb 50

Buzzsaw 60

Buzzsaw 60

Heavy Support
Deff Dread
2x Rokkit Launcher 95

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Postby da_grot » Tue Jul 08, 2008 12:55 am

Thought I should give you my opinion being an orky kinda guy.

List seems fairly good as it is but there's a few things I would change personally.

First of all what are your boyz armed with, sluggas or shootas? Make sure you have big shootas in your shoots boy squads and rokkits in the sluggas.

Another thing is not all your squads have nobs I find the bosspole absolutely crucial to keep my boyz in line after there squad size has dropped. Oh and remember to give all your nobs power claws because there is really no reason why not to.

Also I think your one trukk will suffer. Trukks are hardly the most toughest transport ever so there's not much point in wasting lots of points on upgrades for them. As well as this having only one trukk in your list means it will be destroyed very quickly. If your running a trukk your going to need at least a few other AV targets to draw the fire off them.

Oh and add armour plates to all your AV units (trukk and dread) you don't want to be stuck not moving for a turn especially with 5ths brutal assault on tank rules.

Well that's my opinions shared anyway :P
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Postby conscriptboris » Tue Jul 08, 2008 7:49 am


not being orky at all, but i would agree with D_grot, you could probably drop a squad and upgrade your other squads with the points.

The transport is always a good idea but kitting them out isnt really, same with my rhinos, ive seen ppl with extra armour, lights, smoke launchers, pintle weapons, missile weapons, bulldozer and i always think, are you going to use this????

prob not, my rhinos are always the basic 50pts!

I know with orks everyone likes the swamp ability, surround the enemy in orks, this is not always needed as they are tough themselves :D

(this is basically a re-iteration of Da_grot but good list tho, i wouldnt want to fight it :P )

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