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1500pts Cult Chaos

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1500pts Cult Chaos

Postby Solar » Mon May 19, 2008 5:02 pm

I've been looking at how I play my chaos, and this is my next army plan. I'm still looking to buy myself a Daemon Prince from somewhere, when I get money. And Rhinos. And Lesser Demons.

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HQ - 185pts

Chaos Sorceror
Mark of Nurgle, Wings, Warptime, Personal Icon, Melta Bombs - 185pts

If and when I get a DP model, this guy will have to go. For now he's someone I can throw at space marines or a enemy character and watch them take each other out. Usually jumps forward behind the rhino.
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Troops - 1084pts

Thousand Sons
7 Sons + Aspiring Sorceror w/Bolt of Change, Personal Icon - 251pts

AP3 bolters. 'nuff said.
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Plague Marines
7 Plaguemarines w/2 plasmaguns + Plague Champion w/power weapon, Personal Icon - 249pts

Plague Marines
7 Plaguemarines w/2 plasmaguns + Plague Champion w/power fist, Personal Icon - 259pts

My collection being a bit balls, these two squads have got to leg it. I'll really have to try and see if they can do a thing to the enemy or are they just walking targets of ripe VP's.
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Plague Marines
9 Plaguemarines w/2 Flamers + Plague Champion w/power weapon, Melta Bombs, Personal Icon - 275pts
Rhino Transport w/extra armour - 50pts

The Rhino squad. I gave this aspiring a power weapon because I don't like wasting a fist for GD fodder.
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Daemons - 230pts

Greater Daemon - 100pts

10 Lesser Daemons - 130pts

These two have never let me down. The Lessers are annoying little blighters, and the GD is a cheap close combat monster.
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Total - 1499pts

So there you have it. Anything to say, and not just the apparent lack of Rhinos :D

Note on other figs I currently have; Several, several terminators. A lord and a sorceror. Some extra special weapons on plague marines, mostly plasmas.
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Postby killmaimburn » Fri May 23, 2008 4:15 pm

No replies?
Fun (chaos works well on infantry heavy and this kind of out lay will go fairly well into 5th ed apparently)

I’d agree that the nurgle sorcerer really needs to go but meh,(I see hidden fists or things faster than him as being a pain) If your doing a footslog and your really not happy with HQs, sorcerer + termie armour + spell is one of the cheapest you can get (and might fit the walking stance of your army??)125+

The tzeentch, I’m not sure..you want them for their anti infantry super doom, but then you buy the anti tank weapon.. 15 points cheaper for the synergistic doombolt, depends on how you want to use them.. Depending on how your army clicks together I might drop the spell down to something else.
You might lose 1 icon if you wanted.. That gives you an obliterator if you wanted to bolster up your anti tank.
just an off the top of head idea (its not a bad list as is)
Hope that makes sense
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