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1750 CSM for Warp Storm 2

PostPosted: Wed Apr 14, 2010 9:14 pm
by Daimyo52
I'm going to Warp Storm 2 in Mansfielf=d at the end of the month and am thinking about any changes to my list

2 x DP with Lash 310 pts
7 PM with a PF and 2 MG in Rhino 256 pts
7 PM with a PF and 2 FL ( icon ) in Rhino 251 pts
9 Zerks with a PF ( icon ) 234 pts

2 x 3 Oblits 450 pts
LR ( ea ) 235 pts

Question is would you keep it as it is, swap a unit of Oblits for a Second LR or even go heavy Mech and take 3 LR

Re: 1750 CSM for Warp Storm 2

PostPosted: Thu Apr 15, 2010 8:53 am
by killmaimburn
I'd stay with as is.
1) play what you know
2) Plague marines charging out of an assualt boat is meh, your just paying through the nose for a bit of shielding to their role.
3) above 1500 most landraiders become fodder unless you truly spam (I take 9+ fast melta in 1500 above that I start getting serious) Keeping the fire/distraction of 3 ponderous oblits might keep some fire off your assualt boat for a turn (which is all you need).
-Chaos, really suffering. The higher the points brackets the more you can expect someone to pay (IIRC 45 points) for a old style hood to be stuck in their army on top of meching out. Above 1500 but lower than "OMGs I've run out of slots" is a really good place for our opponents to all sit.
BTW me and ljundhammer (due to the GT being crap) are being lured to the maelstrom stuff.. we may start attending these things..keep us informed :D
E.g. it being "2", did your first fee cover a whole set of events or are they seperate and your just paying for each as they come up?

Re: 1750 CSM for Warp Storm 2

PostPosted: Thu Apr 15, 2010 11:45 am
by Daimyo52

They are seperate events, with Warp Storm 2 being the second ( oviously :D )

They cost £30 for the 5 game weekend........ including a buffet aluch on both days...........I assume this will chane to more substantial fare as the restaurant opens and more table become usable........... the atmossphere of the last one was fun despite some hard armies ( $ Deff Rolla Orks etc )

if you look on the Maelstrom site there are still tickets left and lists have to be in by the 23rd.........

Event is 1st/2nd May

current player list below

1)Gerry Brawley
2)Mark Muslek
3)Del Stuart
6)Iain Anderson
7)alex west
8)james meikle
10)gary percival
15)Philip Lambourne
16)Keith Roberts
17)Myles davies
18)Robert Kancidrowski
20)courtney rhodes
21)Chris Boulton
23)Tim Fisher