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[C:IG] Ash Nomads Combat Patrol

PostPosted: Sun Mar 09, 2008 4:04 pm
by LordMalekTheRedKnight
Hey all :)

seeing as how i just picked up most of what i need to build my Ash Nomads, i thought i would post the list. as usual the list is built to the standard Combat Patrol restrictions and is designed to be used against other balanced/fluffy CP lists in a non-competitive environment, on a 4' x 4' board with plenty of (varying) Terrain.

the list represents a mercenary force - nomads living in the ash wastes on my planet Madgra Prime (where all my forces are set). they are employed by the local PDF and in return for weapons, armour, supplies and training, they help protect convoys, hunt dangerous animals and track rebels etc, outside the hives. you can see a test piece i converted and painted, here.

without further ado, heres the list:

Code: Select all
Magdran Ash Nomads Mercenary Force [400 Pts Army List]

- Light Infantry
- Cameleoline
- Sharpshooters
- Ratling Squads
- Rough Riders

TROOPS [288 pts]

Ash Nomads Command Squad [62 pts]   
Junior Officer: Laspistol, Sword, Surveyor
2 Guardsmen: Mortar
2 Guardsmen: Lasguns   
Doctrines: Cameleoline

Ash Nomads Infantry Squad #1 [120 pts]   
Veteran Sergeant: Bolter, Dagger
6 Guardsmen: Lasguns
1 Guardsman: Grenade Launcher
2 Guardsmen: Missile Launcher
Doctrines: Light Infantry, Cameleoline, Sharpshooters

Ash Nomads Infantry Squad #2 [106 pts]   
Veteran Sergeant: Sword, Plasma Pistol
8 Guardsmen: Lasguns
1 Guardsman: Melta Gun
Doctrines: Light Infantry, Cameleoline

ELITES: Ash Nomads Sniper Team [Ratling Squad] [33 pts]
3 Snipers

FAST ATTACK: Ash Nomads Beastriders [Roughriders] [79 pts]   
Veteran Sergeant: Power Weapon, Hunting Lance, Krak Grenades
5 Guardsmen: Laspistol, Hunting Lances

and here is a graphical representation of the force:


the list is 99% finalised - im thinking of dropping some of the gear on the RR Vet Sgt (as long as i can decide what to spend it on), and il be painting up a Plasma Gunner so i can swap him for the Melta Gun in the 2nd Infantry Squad if i want to (same pts cost).

the idea is that the Command Squad sets up behind/hidden in Terrain and the Beastriders set up to one side (also hidden), then the rest of the force Infiltrates. the Snipers set up in front of the Command Squad (in the same piece of Terrain), to benefit from the Officer's Ld. the 2 Infantry Squads deploy either side, so as to catch the enemy in crossfire from 3 directions. squad 1 acts as a long(ish) range shooting squad, while squad 2 works its way closer (through terrain) to bring its weapons to bear (charging where they might stand a chance). the Beastriders move from cover to cover ready to charge anything that gets too close/support the 2nd squad.

the list has some anti-tank (Krak Grenades/Missiles, Sniper Rifles, Melta Gun, Lances), anti-infantry (lasguns, Frag Grenades/Missiles, Sniper Rifles, Mortar), anti-Meq (Plasma Pistol, Melta Gun, Krak Missiles, Lances) and some Pinning (Mortar, Sniper Rifles). i think they should be able to hold their own, whilst being interesting to use.

i was thinking of dropping the RR Vet Sgt down to a normal Sgt, and spending the pts to give Frags to the 2nd Infantry Squad... or maybe giving them Sharp Shooters (although that wont help the Plasma Pistol or the Plasma Gun when i swap him in), and i could add Krak Grenades to the Vet Sgt in the 2nd squad too (with a pt left to give Frags to the 1st squad's Vet Sgt, so they can kill walkers in CC incase they get charged by a Sentinel etc).

thoughts (on the theme, the models il be using, the tactics, the list and the changes)? :?:

cheers :)

~ Tim

PostPosted: Sun Mar 09, 2008 9:25 pm
by Solar
Well, what to say? If it's already finished then game on.

I dislike vet. sgts, single mortars, small sniper teams and costly doctrines, but if it's just meant to be a bit of something for fun I guess it's okay. And my IG is usually very fire line style.

Do post pics when the army is all done and painted.

Oh and basically frags are useless and so are kraks, just keep it as it is.

PostPosted: Sun Mar 09, 2008 10:46 pm
by LordMalekTheRedKnight
Solar wrote:I dislike vet. sgts,

the idea here was to allow the squads to function more reliably outside the Command bubble (they are meant to be guerillas, afterall). it also allows more customisation and gets more potent and varied weaponry into the squads. the extra Attack can make a difference too, in such small games.

Solar wrote:single mortars,

a Mortar fitted in with the guerilla warfare idea i had for them, and it also allowed me to field a cheap command squad that could hide from enemy fire whilst still doing something (even if it will be a bit hit and miss). ive wanted to try out Mortar + Surveyor/Auspex for a while now too. it will also come in handy considering the amount of Terrain we like to use.

the Command squad was compulsory anyway, and help mitigate the Sniper Ld problem. it should also help allow for more variation in the way the force fights.

Solar wrote:small sniper teams

the FW Tallarn snipers are gorgeous, and the Sniper Rifle was a signature weapon of the Necromunda Ash Nomads, so i definately wanted to include them. Ratlings are very cheap for what you get, and also allow you to field a cheap squad (33 pts is a steal, IMO). they will either get ignored or result in overkill, and every now and again they will score a kill or two, and maybe even Pin something. fluffwise, the idea is that the old, injured or very young nomads are given sniper rifles, allowing them to keep the enemy at a distance while still helping the others (and accounts for the Ratling's poor stats).

Solar wrote:and costly doctrines,

well, ive only spent 60 pts on Doctrines in total, and for that ive got an army that gets to Infiltrate, with 3+ Cover Saves, Move Through Cover, and has a reasonable chance of hitting with its best weapons. its a shame i had to give Cameleoline to the Command Squad (as they will almost always be out of sight), but i can live with that: the Doctrines should allow the force to fight on the tabletop how it would in the 40K universe - which was the most important thing. :)

besides, it still outnumbers MEQs by 2:1. ;)

Solar wrote:but if it's just meant to be a bit of something for fun I guess it's okay

well, its not meant for competitive tournaments or anything like that, but its still a force that takes itself seriously - its just that reproducing the fluff on the tabletop was the primary goal (just like the other lists im working on). within the context of the games it will be used in, i think it will be able to hold its own.

Solar wrote:And my IG is usually very fire line style.

my main IG army is a competitive gunline, but that got very boring, so i wanted to depart from that with these combat patrols. the idea is that each one conveys a theme, uses a different fighting style, and represents a different group on my planet. because they are all written with fluff and balance being paramount, they should all be equally competitive when played against eachother as a part of a narative campaign, and because they are designed to be interesting and tell a story, they should still be fun to use in pickup games (even if they dont win very often).

Solar wrote:Do post pics when the army is all done and painted.

will do, although its going to be quite a while... (at the rate im going il be lucky to finish the Tau by the meetup in Aug :roll:)

Solar wrote:Oh and basically frags are useless and so are kraks, just keep it as it is.

well at the moment neither Infantry unit can touch vehicles in CC, and Grenades would change that (especially at the low AV levels in CP). the Frags would also help charging enemies in cover as well (we use lots of Terrain, and they get Move Through Cover and have short ranged weapons, so its seems likely that they will want to use Frags every now and again). until my last 2 RR blisters arrive, i dont know whether i will have to convert one of them to stand out as a Vet Sgt either (so far the 4 i have bought are identical), if i choose to keep it as it is.

nothing is set in stone until the paint goes on anyway, so il leave it up in the air for now. :P

cheers :)

~ Tim

PostPosted: Mon Mar 10, 2008 3:44 pm
by Solar
You could always swap the kraks from the roughie vet sgt to another squad?