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Dark angels list

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Dark angels list

Postby Artic_Hawk » Thu Dec 27, 2012 9:24 pm

Dark angels 1000pts list

Company Master-Combi plasma,power sword,bolt pistol 125pts
Deathwing terminator squad-
Deathwing sergeant-storm bolter and power sword
1 terminator w/ storm bolter and chainfist
2 terminators w/ storm bolter and power fist
1 terminator w/assault cannon and power fist 250pts
Tactical squad one-
Veteran sergeant w/ plasma pistol and chainsword
7 marines w/bolters and bolt pistols
1 marine w/Plasma Cannon and bolt pistol
1 marine w/Plasma gun and bolt pistol
Razorback w/twin linked lascannons 290pts
Tactical squad two-
Veteran sergeant w/ chainsword and bolt pistol
3 marines w/bolters and bolt pistols
1 marine w/ flamer and bolt pistol 95pts
Fast Attack
Ravenwing attack squadron-
Sergeant w/ chainsword,bolt pistol,melta bombs and twin linked heavy bolters
1 biker w/plasma gun,bolt pistol and twin linked heavy bolters
1 biker w/bolt pistol,twin linked heavy bolters 140pts
aegis defense line w/ quad gun 100pts

This is the first list i've ever made so i dont know if its any good but i decided to make it using mostly only what i could find in the dark vengeance and assault on black reach sets plus the aegis defensive line that im planning to buy soon.What i plan to do is man the defense line with the 5 man tactical squad to provide anti air to my army,use the other tactical squad to oppose objectives and spearhead assaults,the ravenwing to target enemy vehicles and as a reaction force to outflankers.Im not quite sure what to do with the company master so any ideas would be much appreciated and im planning to use the deathwing to hunt enemy HQ's etc.What do you guys think of this list and any ideas on what i could change to make it more efficient etc.Theres not really much i can change as its almost all from the starter sets but i have a second terminator squad and some marines and a dreadnought left from assault on blackreach.Also i need to make a 1500pts list as well so what should i get for the extra 500pts?
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Re: Dark angels list

Postby markb » Fri Dec 28, 2012 5:53 pm

Its not a bad list based on what you've got, the main problem is it'll be obsolete in a couple of weeks due to the imminent release of the new DA Codex next month. I'd wait a couple of weeks, get hold of the new 'dex and redo the list then.
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Re: Dark angels list

Postby DaBoss » Fri Dec 28, 2012 7:21 pm

markb wrote: imminent release of the new DA Codex next month. I'd wait a couple of weeks, get hold of the new 'dex and redo the list then.

I agree with markb, I've got my last game of current codex Dark Angels ths weekend, 4000pts vs Plague Marines.
Then it's await the codex and nice shiny new minis, then rework my force.

I'll comment after the drop.
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