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[C:IG] Just for fun: Indirect Fire list (1,000 pts)

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[C:IG] Just for fun: Indirect Fire list (1,000 pts)

Postby LordMalekTheRedKnight » Fri Dec 14, 2007 5:05 pm

Hey All :)

read something earlier that sparked my imagination, so i quickly knocked together this hypothetical list. thought we could take a look at it.

Code: Select all
C:IG Indirect Fire list [999 pts]

Doctrines: Close Order Drill, Ratlings

- Command HQ: Mortar, Junior Officer: Auspex
- 2 x Mortar Support Squads

- Ratling Snipers Squad (3 models)

- Command Squad: Mortar (10), Junior Officer: Auspex. COD
- 2 x Infantry Squads: Mortar (10). COD

- Armoured Fist Squad: Mortar
- Chimera: Multi-laser, Heavy Bolter, Heavy Stubber, Hunter-killer, Extra Armour, Rough Terrrain Modification

- 3 x Basilisks: Indirect Fire

- thats 11 Mortars and 3 Earthshaker Cannons firing Indirectly, with 3 Sniper Rifles for extra Pinning (up to 11 Pinning Tests a turn, 3 of which are at -1Ld).
- the Earthshakers and HKM will do the Anti-Tank work, with the Multi-laser and Sniper Rifles helping out up to AV12.
- the Chimera will provide extra Cover/LOS blockage incase there isnt enough Terrain in the Deployment Zone, and will provide direct fire Anti-Infantry support. the Rough Terrain mod allows it to move through cover if there is enough to hide it during deployment.
- the 2 JOs give everyone Ld8, which should be enough considering they should all be out of sight (barring the Ratlings who get +1Cover) - it should be very rare that anyone is called to make Target Priority checks too. also, their Auspices should help the Command Squads defend against Infiltrators.

so, what are your thoughts on such a list, and the above tactics? (i know its a one trick pony, so there is no need to point that out :P) bear in mind this is just 1000 pts!

cheers :)

~ Tim
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Postby Firecrest_inc » Fri Dec 14, 2007 10:05 pm

It looks fun to play, definately on a tangent of "Stand and shoot" guard army, although fluff wise it does seem to be an artillery company. Tactics, find some cover in the two corners and hope for the luck of the scatter. I say two corners, as then the basilisks should be able to cover each other, should something get through quicker than you can pin it.
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Postby killmaimburn » Sat Dec 15, 2007 9:42 am

They say imitation is the greatest compliment so with no real knowledge how gaurd work here is 999 of LATD :D
1 Arch Heretic (HQ) @ 99 Pts
No Retinue Allowed; Bolt Pistol (x1)
Speed Resilience Dark Blade #Infiltrate Visage #Furious Charge

5 Traitors (Troops) Mortar (x1); Grenade Launcher (x1); Frag Grenades
5 Traitors (Troops) Mortar (x1); Grenade Launcher (x1); Frag Grenades
5 Traitors (Troops) Mortar (x1); Grenade Launcher (x1); Frag Grenades

5 Traitors (Fast Attack) @ 165 Pts
Mortar (x1); Grenade Launcher (x1); Frag Grenades
1 Chimera @ Pts
Multi-Laser; Hull Heavy Bolter Pintle Heavy Stubber
Smoke Launchers

5 Traitors (Fast Attack) @ 165 Pts
Mortar (x1); Grenade Launcher (x1); Frag Grenades
1 Chimera @ Pts
Multi-Laser; Hull Heavy Bolter Pintle Heavy Stubber
Smoke Launchers

1 Basilisk (Heavy Support) Indirect
1 Basilisk (Heavy Support) Indirect
1 Basilisk (Heavy Support) Indirect
Models in Army: 31 5 tanks (3 pie plates)25 scared gaurd,(15 of whom infiltrate) only 5 mortars sniff. But the infiltrators are backed up by very cheap build first turn assualter. On setup opponent gears around pie plates, only to have the closer edge they are aiming to charge towards them with headed off by some scrappy gaurd and a speeding lieutenant St7 in6 on charge who engages something big\big squad, blocking LOS for everything etc indirect doom... much more one trick pony, much weaker- but same fun concept.I prefer yours (except that rattlings are xeno scum by my guard reckoning)
BTW KMB does in no way endorse the list he posted (it took 3 minutes using AB), any lurking roxxers are welcome to lose most horrifically with it and report back here upset with me, so we may laugh
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Postby Solar » Sat Dec 15, 2007 1:19 pm

Just a thought, if FW rules and models are not a obstacle, I'd go for some Heavy Mortars and Quad Launchers instead of the support Mortar Squads and Ratlings.
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