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READ ME FIRST! How to post your list

Post your army lists here!

READ ME FIRST! How to post your list

Postby Spack » Tue Jun 07, 2005 5:15 pm

Please follow these simple rules when posting your army list:

<b>(1) Put the points cost and race in the subject, preferably points first, eg.</b>

1850pts Imperial Guard - "The Die-m a Dozen"

<b>names are optional ;)</b>

<b>(2) Write a few lines about how your list is intended to work, and then type/paste the list between [code] [/code] tags, eg.</b>

The Avatar will plod slowly across the table drawing fire while the Banshees drive around in circles. The Wraithlord will wipe out the enemy forces, being the top dairy product in his class.


6 Banshees
&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;Wave Serpent

[ /code ]

<b>Do not include points costs for individual options and upgrades, if you are going to includes points costs only list the total for each unit. An easy way to create a list with costs is to use Army Builder and save as text, then paste the output and edit out the option/upgrade costs.

That's it. Just two simple rules. :D</b>
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