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[C:WH] Redemptionist Crusade (Combat Patrol)

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[C:WH] Redemptionist Crusade (Combat Patrol)

Postby LordMalekTheRedKnight » Tue Jan 29, 2008 10:23 am

Hey all :)

Ive always loved The Redeemer, and my main gang back in the old Necromunda days were the Redemptionists. ive wanted to represent a Redemptionist force in 40K (lead by the Redeemer model) but i had struggled to write a Combat Patrol list i was happy with. i recently got my hands on the WH Zealot rules, so i thought i would give it another go.

the following list is designed to be used against other fluffy/balanced lists - its not meant for competitive play.

Code: Select all
"The Order Of The Raging Flame" Redemptionist Crusade Combat Patrol - Magdra Prime
[400 Pts WH Army List]

Redemptor Priest [attached to the Zealots] [1 model = 80pts]
Priest: Eviscerator + Exterminator Cartridge [Brazier of Holy Fire], Laspistol, Carapace Armour

Deacons [Inquisitorial Storm Troopers] [5 models = 70pts]
3 Deacons: Hotshot Lasguns [Hellguns] with Targeters, Frag Grenades, Carapace Armour
2 Deacons: Grenade Launchers, Frag Grenades, Carapace Armour

Brethren [Zealots] [20 models = 250pts]
Demagogue: Bolt Pistol & CCW, Exterminator, Krak Grenades, Carapace Armour
2 Zealots: Mob Weapons (Laspistol & CCW), Flamers, Exterminators
14 Zealots: Mob Weapons (Laspistol & CCW), Exterminators
3 Fanatics: Mob Weapons (Laspistol & CCW), Eviscerators, Exterminators

the "Deacons" were the best way i could think of to satisfy the minimum Troop requirements. they would mainly be used to provide long range mobile covering fire, and to take out vehicles (they wont have to deal with anything above AV12 so their Grenade Launchers can handle it - barely). their small size should allow them to make good use of cover and avoid too much attention.

the rest of the force will be one big unwieldy mob that will rush headlong at the enemy, shoot and then charge - purging the enemies of Mankind!
the Priest will give them re-rolls to hit, which will greatly increase the effectiveness of the Exterminators and Eviscerators. they would be able to deal with any Vehicles in CC (lots of Eviscerator attacks and a Krak Grenade), and the Exterminators let them get early hits in against anything except models in cover and Banshees (although i would have thought that Exterminators would have counted as Frags as they flush enemies out of cover... but never mind). the Demagogue was mainly to use up points (as were his Bolt Pistol and Kraks).

the force is intentionally quite low-tech. while local authorities turn a blind eye to what the crusade gets up to (most of the time), they arent officially sanctioned or supported. weapons will be home made or donated (or even "donated" ;)) and they wont have access to vehicles (beyond civilian transports etc that will take them to their battlefields - nothing that would have an ingame effect).

the good thing about Redemptionists is that fluffwise you can justify them attacking just about anyone, so they can be a bit of a "wildcard" when it comes to match-ups. whether its purging mutants in the ash wastes, exterminating chaos worshippers or even tangling with the PDF (who must obviously be traitors if they are trying to get in their way) - and if they get out of hand, the Arbites could be called in (or if they annoy the AdMech too much they may find some Marines knocking on their door).

so, what do you think (of the list, the concept and the fluff)? :?:

cheers :)

~ Tim
p.s. while i would like to build a force like this, at the moment its just a pipe dream - ive got plenty of projects that would come before any Redemptionists.
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