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Your Combat Patrol lists (for summer)

Post your army lists here!

Postby mattjgilbert » Fri Aug 01, 2008 4:45 pm

Should be a fair fight then. My marines are rubbish in combat too ;)
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Postby LordMalekTheRedKnight » Fri Aug 01, 2008 4:47 pm

Angelwing wrote:The other thing with Arbites is that the shock troopers have guardsman stats,...

incidentally, my Arbites list (still on the drawing board) uses C: WH. for supression shield troops im using Crusader Inq. Henchmen: WS4, 4+ Armour, 4+ Inv in CC, and Power Mauls too. i know i can only hav 3 of the same henchman, but add an Inq. ("Deputy") with Rosarius for another shield, plus some Acolyte Henchmen with Carapace & Mancatchers ("Cyber Mastiffs") and a Familiar ("Surveilance Servo Skull"), and that gives me the CC unit i wanted. :D

one day i will get round to buying them... :roll:

~ Tim
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Postby Angelwing » Fri Aug 01, 2008 4:59 pm

Here's the Arbite list:
All arbites have 4+ carapace armour and any shotguns have executor ammo (Rng 18" Strength 4 assault 1 reroll to hit)

Combat team: 3 arbites with boltguns, 1 with grenade launcher and 1 proctor with shotgun.

Shock team: 5 arbites with close combat weapon and suppression shield, 1 proctor with powerfist and shield mounted in a rhino.

Patrol team: 5 arbites with shotguns 1 with grenade launcher.

Patrol team: 4 arbites with shotgun 1 with grenade launcher.

Pursuit team: 2 arbites and 1 proctor on bikes with twin linked bolters.


Guard list 1

Commissar with las pistol, cc weapon, refractor field and melta bombs.

Armoured fist squad with flamer, frag grenades. Chimera with multilaser, heavy bolter and smoke.

Armoured fist squad with Grenade launcher, frag grenades. Chimera with twin heavy bolter, heavy bolter and smoke.


Guard list 2

Commissar with power weapon and las pistol.

Armoured fist squad with flamer, frag grenades. vet sarge with melta bombs. Hardened fighters doctrine. Chimera with multilaser, heavy bolter and smoke.

3 Sentinals with 2 multilasers, 1 heavy flamer and 3 HK missiles.

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Postby killmaimburn » Sat Aug 02, 2008 8:29 am

In the other cp thread I listed some things that were used as rules at Gamesday chicago tourney..
If you build a list that includes a 3 wounder.." thats fine but he lost a wound before the game began (you still pay original points)"..
2+ saves are still basically 2+ saves..I gotta say I think the game is more resilient to one guy getting a pretend extra wound that he loses automatically than a 2+ save (its a whole small game dynamic..like that T5 5++ +FNP should be banned or capped :lol: ).. but tim says 2+ saves, IA, homebrew=good, 3w\/2w=bad...
So I've agreed to bring manilla of manillas CP wise.(as you can tell we've had another little tiff :D its ok I get bragging rights on being the first person to grab him by the arms into a proper sized battle, where normal rules may actually be used, in X number of years in recompense)
If we play CP I'll play your list as it was meant to be played, 3 wounder and 2+s as is..althought I think I'd rather we carried on with our 1500 :D
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