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Bit of fluff

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Bit of fluff

Postby Socaddict » Mon Jun 05, 2006 5:17 pm

For my force that I will be using at Bristol carnage:

His motor roaring, Zadbag lead the charge, powerclaw outstretched. His bike hit a bump and was launched aloft, the front wheel crunching down hard into the torso of a firing Ultramarine, his powerclaw decapitating a second. The other vehicles followed in close behind, guns blazing.

‘Zadbag, I has a speshul mission fer ya, today, ya git,’ Skragga Grimbad shouted. ‘Youz is gonna be doing some “reekkon-e-sunz” for us.’
‘What dat mean, boss?’ He had answered.
‘It means you is a lucky git and gets ta do some krumpin before the rest of us.’

Zadbag was in amongst the Ultramarines now, his bike’s wheels spinning madly in the bloody mud. Bolter rounds pinged harmlessly off his bikes reinforced armour, as the beakies stood their ground. A shell landed among the firing Beakies, sending several of them flying, and a stray piece of shrapnel embedded itself in Zadbag’s shoulder, which only increased his rage.

‘Dem Beakies is all gavvered up dere, around dose bunkers.’ Grimbad said, pointing to an area on the map spread over the table, held down by various bits of ammo and the odd choppa. ‘I needs ya ta drive in dere and krump a few of ‘em, den get yerselves out and tell me what dere position is like. I needz ta know ‘ow many dere is, and wot weapons dey ‘av and what da loot’ll be like. Got dat?’
‘Yeah, boss, but one qwestion. How many of da ladz can I take with me?’
‘Youz gets all da weedy speedy stuff, cuz I know you likes all dat kinda fing. Now get dem all together, and get back ‘ere shortly.’

Dismounting, Zadbag hefted his choppa into his left hand, and began to lay into the beakies. He became a swirling ball of rage, splitting armour with each blow from his axe and crushing limbs with his claw. A burst of heat barely missed him, as one of the buggies roared past, its skorcha belching great balls of fire, and the grots aboard gleefully throwing stikkbombz into the melee.

‘Right, you gitz, saddle up, we’ze gonna be doing some krumping.’ Zadbag shouted. As soon as they heard him, the speed freakz let out a roar of approval. They knew they would get to do what they loved best, driving at the limit of their machines and fighting and driving and looting. And maybe a bit more driving on the side.

Zadbag stopped. He could see the Beakies falling back, and heard a heavy clanking sound. He knew what that meant. He grinned to himself. As the dreadnought stomped up towards him, assault cannon blazing, he picked up one of the falling beakies, and crouched down behind the temporary cover. The dreadnought began to accelerate, its power fist making a high pitched whirring sound, as it spun faster than the eye could follow. Throwing the dead beakie aside, Zadbag charged.

The column of vehicles sped out of the camp, clouds of dust billowing out from behind them, engines roaring. Grimbad watched them go.
‘Zoggin’ lucky git’ he whispered.

Zadbag leapt onto the front of the Dreadnought, his leap timed to avoid the swing of the powerfist. He raised his own claw, and drove it home into the sensors. But the hulking machine continued to advance, unimpeded by his efforts. He heard a loud bang, and knew what to do. He leapt off, and ran away from the dreadnought, diving low to the ground. The rokkit hit the machine squarely on its back, the explosive warhead shreadding the powerplant. The dreadnought’s motion ceased, and the tankbustas whooped with glee from their truck. Another rokkit corkscrewed into the rear of the dreadnought, and hit the ammo drums. Zadbag kept his head down, as the dreadnought exploded.

His bike slewed to a halt beside Grimbad, the rest of the band doing a variety of tricks further out in the desert.
‘Well, what happened, Zadbag?’ Grimbad asked ‘How many of dem are dere?’
‘None, boss.’
‘What do you mean?’
‘Erm, we had a little fun, and killed ‘em all.’
‘WHA!’ Grimbad shouted…
Orks project log here
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Postby M3g4B4sh » Mon Jun 05, 2006 5:28 pm

wow nice and you pulled off the orky speek well I really like the part where the dread got pwned that made me laugh
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Postby Zealot » Mon Jun 05, 2006 7:44 pm

lol "WHA!" great work dude
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Postby LordMalekTheRedKnight » Wed Aug 16, 2006 2:10 pm

greatstuff! i dont read Orky fluff often, but i really liked that! :D

cheers for sharing 8)

~ Tim
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