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Eyezek Maxinus Black Marshal of the True Sons(Rate my lord,

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Eyezek Maxinus Black Marshal of the True Sons(Rate my lord,

Postby M3g4B4sh » Wed Jul 05, 2006 9:41 pm

( I know fluff should go in fluf forum but they need to be together really so if I am doign somthign wrong let me know)

Eyezek Maxinus a character shrouded in much and hatred for his crimes against the emperor and his betrayal of his sacred vows however the most puzzeling piece of this puzzle was back during the 37th millenium he was one of if not the most pious and loved of the Black Templars marshals. Took countless worlds into the imperial fold and was rumored to be next in line to fufil the post of grand marshal. How one such as this succumbs to chaos is a terryfing prospect and one that pains the imperium on many levels.
As the final years of the m37 came to a close Eyezek was already a renowned tactian and known as a warrior without equal he took entiree planets in his stride the zealous warriors of his crusade fleets risking everything to achieve victory and he had thier undying loyalty this had always been the case since he was an neophyte. he had inspired those around him to exceptional acts of valour some would say he had an aura the thing that makes great leaders great leaders it is a trait said to be exhibited by the primarchs themselves although he was devoid of p-yskic ability non could explain his "aura".
On his way to Kronsius V he was side tracked by a chaos strike cruiser headed for the small mining planet of Versium XI and bieng his sacred duty to eliminate the enemies of the emperor he followerd suite but little did he know a trap had been set when he arrived on the surface the Chaos forces were easily destroyed but the countless cultists had invaded the nearby town and replaced it's populas.Upon scouring the land he arrived in the village to be greeted by it's "Leaders" who gave him a power sword of exceptional balance wieght and duty which gave the impression they had been specifically tailored for his hand alone with exceptionel artistry depicting the imperial eagle on the pommel and the hilt he took it with glad acceptance.
Upon returning to the crusade fleet the blade started to make screeching noises and screams only he could hear grinding his moral to the breaking point then when it screeched he could only here a voice "Bring me the sword of black metal" "Bring me the sword of black metal" over and over again sending him into madness upon trying to discard the sword it would freeze in his hands never leaving his grip unless sheathed.He thwen began to hear the voice again the eve before battle it spoke to him "Destory the gellar generators and you shall be free""Destroy the gellar generators andyou shall be free" in his maddend he accpetd but upon this act the ships astropaths and navigators were torn apart by daemons stranding them in the warp.
After this act it spoke again "Take me to the sword of black metal""Take me to the sword of black metal" he again was compelled all the way hearing it's orders disperesed amongst promises of freedom. He arrived at the shrine where the emperors champions wargear lay he drew the sword without realising he had done so and laid it upon the Black sword in a flash of orange light the voice had stopped within his head .Upon the ritual to annoint the emperors champion he was gifted with his wargear at which point the daemon posessed him utterly turning him in the blink of an eye from a zealous servant of the emperor into a slavering monster it tore apart the crusades champlains before reverting back to his original form.
Again Eyezek having recovered his sanity felt as though he ahd been ina hibernative state with no memory of the past few days he began to hear voices yet instead of one subtle smooth voice he headr a capcothamy of voices "See what the emperor has done he has stranded you in the warp and had the chaplains execute your navigators and astropaths you are alone but you did the right thing and they were punished" he say the dead bodys and believed these vocies in his weakend state and the gap in his memory only surved to leave him to believe these events "We will help you destroy this heretic who mascarrades as a god but first you must pldge your service to this rightoues cause". He pledged himself and with new orders headed off in an unknown direction.
He wasn't seen till years later when he lead an assualt upon an imperial garrison now gone was the warrior of the emperor in his place an engine of destruction another vessel through which chaos could manipulate the universe.He and his "true sons"( reasons for this title have never been established and likly never will) have sicne become one of the top threats to the imperium as they enter in and out of the warp at random and attack at lightning speed leaving none alive in thier wake.

This is how I have kitted him

Chaos lord
Mastercrafted chain fist
Dred sword(Is the dread axe but takes the form of a sword)
Termie armour

what do you think? of both the lord and the fluff?
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