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Fall of the Sons...

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Fall of the Sons...

Postby Talus » Wed Feb 09, 2011 12:55 am

I want to tell you, that our Chapter has a glorious history filled with conquest and upholding the Imperial Way, but I can’t.

I want to tell you, that our Chapters history is known to all those that wear the markings, but I can’t.

I would also like to tell you, that we trust each of our brothers... but once more... I can’t...

My name is Orlen, First Chaplain of the Sons of Talus, and this is how we reached our place in the Universe...

When you hear the words ‘’Adeptus Astartes’’, you think of glorious beings clad in shining battle armour, fighting for the Emperor, upholding his word.
You immediately think of renowned Chapters such as Guilliman’s Ultramarines, or even Dorn’s Fists. Chapters that have earned their place in the universe, simply because they know who they are, and where they came from.
We have no such claim, and we know not our place in this universe, for much of our chapter’s history has been lost; too many of us fell in a war, unable to share knowledge with another to pass on our legacy... for what our legacy is worth.
What we do know is this; our chapter was formed shortly after the deeds of Horus Lupercal, in the turmoil that followed the fall of the Emperor’s mortal form. All information pertaining to the identity of the host Legions we were formed from has been lost, who our Primarchs might have been, Throne we don’t even know the names of our Home worlds...
As you may have guessed from the way this is written, I am of the oldest within the chapter, older than the chapter master even, at just three centuries old, he is among the youngest of the command. I am honour bound not to reveal any of his former details, such as his former name before accepting the mantle of ‘’Talyn’’, but I can tell you his deeds to his brothers.
Talyn held a defence line against a Necron force that rose up on one of our recruiting worlds, Warp those machines are a nightmare in themselves, even before you get into a fight with them.
Though there did not seem to be a C’Tan leading them, they fought with a unison we had not encountered before, and much to our shame, that caught us off guard...
The bastion was defended by a small task force; they were currently awaiting re-deployment back to Talus. Talyn was overseeing their drills, he was a mere Sergeant when this happened, a Marine for less than a century, but still he had an exceptional record to his name, countless defence assignments, three worlds conquered, and the respect of all those who served in his squad.
There was a poetic meaning to the force that attacked, they used their cursed teleportation to drop onto our door step at dawn, the auspex didn’t know what hit it, which was later Talyn’s fist, he didn’t take kindly to them getting so close without so much as a warning.
The task force mobilized with speed, gathering on the ramparts with melta weaponry and every piece of ordinance they had to hand. As Talyn reached the doors, the Lord leading the attacking force appeared in a blistering green haze, you almost expected him to knock on the door. But sadly, that was not to be the case.
Thumbing the activation rune on his power swords, Talyn went out to face him, the task force engaged the enemy at 08:27 local time.
The sky lit up like a summer mid day, the dim light replaced by smoke trails and ordinance detonations, shrapnel flying all over the place. As the power fields on his swords met those of the lord, a blast rocked the bastion, as the south east rampart blew apart, taking with it seven brothers, soon avenged, a well placed las strike took down the destroyer that fired the shot.
To give you the full account of the battle, would take far more time than I have to tell you this, but for the carnage involved, the battle lasted just nine hours. Thunderhawks from the relief fleet had arrived in orbit five hours after its start. Vox interference delayed contact with the Bastion for two hours, meaning it took far longer than expected to get a detachment down to help in its defence. The fleet’s commander didn’t want to send down forces into an unknown situation, he was later reprimanded for his decision, and spent the next decade in a cell below the Fortress Tayonas on Talus for his delay, which cost the lives of a further twenty three marines. It was considered turning him into a servitor, to aid the Chapter Master, but much to my surprise, he allowed him to retake his post on his strike cruiser.
While his approach to the battle was... unique, in that he chose to take on the attacker’s commander by himself, he earned quite a few commendations for his actions. But naturally, a black mark went onto his record with the chapter, for abandoning his squad.
The current Talyn, or rather, the Talyn at the time, kept his eye on him, deeming him full of potential... personally I saw a Renegade in the making.
You know, I don’t rightly recall the exact means he became Master, the few occasions I’ve asked, he’s blocked me, quite literally in one case, the force of his block nearly overloaded the power field on my Crozius... perhaps I should resort to asking in that manner again when he isn’t clad in his TDA...
But I digress, the way I understand it, his squad was deployed along with the honour guard of the Master to a recruitment world suffering an insurrection, naturally this could not be tolerated. At some point during the skirmishes they were involved in, the Master took a large calibre round to the chest that decimated his primary heart, and for whatever reason, and his secondary could not keep pace with the tolls of combat.
The apothecaries assured me that there was nothing wrong with the manner in which he died, other than the fact he died at all.
Still, it seems he named Talyn as his successor, but while I respect his wishes, if they were in fact his wishes, I will continue to question how he came to power over the Chapter.

Now, I return to the means in which the Chapter came to its current point.
We have been known to salvage armour from fallen brethren from other chapters, on one occasion we were fighting alongside the wolves, their chaplain fell during a fight, and as a mark of respect, I removed a talisman from his armour, to return to his commander in the event his body could not be recovered. Unfortunately a number of my brothers did the same, but for their personal adornment rather than respect for the dead. While I have done my best to discourage this, it remains a practice by the younger marines.
Chief Librarian Praxis informs me that I am breaking many of the chapters laws by writing this, and that it may not reach its intended destination, but still, for my sake as much as those that will read this, I will continue.
While I am trained to believe in my chapter, I would not be doing my duty if I did not voice my doubts about its actions... in this I do not feel as I am breaking the laws set down to us, but more upholding my duties as Chaplain, and spiritual guide.
A secret order has arisen within the Chapter; a group of Marines, both of high and low standing, now bear a mark upon their armour, signifying them as part of this order. While I am not privy to the full details of what goes on within this ‘’circle’’, I know without a doubt, that they have the ear of the Chapter Master, and are more than capable of influencing events throughout this sector.
For this I called for the Inquisition to intervene... these are not the actions of the Emperors Holy Warriors, but a pack of Warlords who care for nothing but themselves...
As of this moment, these are the following that I can confirm belong to this order:
• Chapter Master Talyn
• Chief Librarian Praxis
• Forge Master Artera
• Terminator Sergeant Jonas Kel
• Assault Squad Dante (Five members of the squad are confirmed within this order, as well as their own cult)
• Princeps Maxon of the Lucius Pattern Warhound ‘Lex Vigilante’’
• Venerable Dreadnought Thraxen (believed to have been a member prior to his death, and rejoined once fully conscious after internment into his sarcophagus)

My brothers continued to segregate themselves for many years, forming cults within their specialist areas, devastators with devastators, assault with assault, tanks with tanks... it was indeed a sorry sight...

I wish to continue this tale by describing the manner in which my brothers choose to...

This is Chapter Master Talyn of the Sons of Talus, for those receiving this message, First Chaplain Orlen has just been executed by my hand, for heresy against his Chapter and the Emperor.
Details of his actions are being forwarded along this bandwidth now.

No further communication will be sent.

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Re: Fall of the Sons...

Postby timewizard » Wed Feb 09, 2011 3:14 am

8) Cool! Very cool!
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Re: Fall of the Sons...

Postby Talus » Wed Feb 09, 2011 11:22 am

for half an hours blind typing, i dont think its that bad :P

needs a LOT more work though

thought the whole Orlen thing would fit nicely, since i've a dead chaplain somewhere :P

and listing the order guys, gave me a reason to throw a few names down :P and finally name the titan!

and i think everyone will like the model scheme i have planned for assault squad Dante ;)

ok, lets play a game! GUESS THE CULT!

no really, 5 guys, all in the same cult, bird related (naturally since they're assault marines with turbines on their backs), distinctive markings


but er... anyone think it sounds too much like a chaos legion? cults, distrust, the apparant murder of the chapter master?

hell no loyalist chapter is squeeky clean are they :P

apart from the smurfs that is :P
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