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Horus Heresy - Tales of Heresy, My Thoughts!

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Horus Heresy - Tales of Heresy, My Thoughts!

Postby conscriptboris » Sun May 24, 2009 4:37 pm

Well, ive just read this book (on a bit of a roll atm 4 books 1 week :P ) and I must say i was impressed!

So after what i thought to be a poor performance by the Mechanicum Book (not what I expected and used a very thin and simple story line) I was hoping for a book I couldnt put down like the first few in the series.#

The tales centre around various aspect of the imperium:

Blood Games: Adeptus Custodes
Wolf at the Door: Space Wolves/Dark Eldar
Scions of the Storm: Word Bearers
The Voice: Sisters of Silence
Call of the Lion: Dark Angels
The Last Church: The Emporer
After Desh ea: Angron

Obviously there is alot more in there, this books shows me they are taking a breather and giving big hints of thing to come/fold out into the series and building tension in the stories, they all leave you wanting to read more which will have to wait for future books.

Obviously if you are reading the series you will want to read this, however this book shows an upcoming change in pace as this book pitches itself on the very edge of the Heresy!

what did you think?

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