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The Darkness Descends

Created your own background storyline for your army? Want to discuss the 40k history?

The Darkness Descends

Postby fridge61 » Mon Oct 30, 2006 9:17 pm

I'm not sure if this is in the right place but anyway, it's just a quick short story... enjoy!

He could hear them, many voices scratching at the back of his mind but one stood above the rest, he felt it coming, coming for him, coming to ruin his already twisted world.‘I will find you Delphi, I will find you and destroy your soul…’ the voice whispered.

Delphi woke with a shock. He must have fallen asleep. The nearby explosion had woken him. He rubbed his head and tried to remember what had just happened, what was he dreaming about? Who was the voice? He dismissed these questions as he looked around him. He heard noise outside, the wails of the dead and dying, now just background noise, he was used to it. He looked around at his companions. They were exhausted, in need of some time off fighting on this damned world. They had been fighting on the planet for over five years now and had only just saw signs of victory when the next horde came in destroying all hopes of getting away from the world undetected.

“Sir we need immediate assistance” the Guardsman said popping his head through the door, “ the Greenskins are on their way.”Delphi sighed; he had never seen this trooper before. He got up and reloaded his lasgun. Signalling for the others to do the same he left the room.

He ran out into the trench before he could get shot at, he had a feeling the battleground was empty. As soon as he had jumped down into the trench there was an explosion behind him, he heard cries of pain and terror and peeped above the rim of the trench. Those bastard Orks had wiped half of his squad out in a split second. Regaining from the shock of the sight Delphi yelled to his men to get into the trench quickly. When his men did not come to him he knew something was wrong. He knew he had been tricked, that the Guardsman was not real, the battlefield really was empty.

‘Well done Delphi, I thought you’d never figure it out.’ The voice whispered at the back of his mind.Delphi got up and looked around, the world seemed faint, almost not real. He laughed as he remembered, remembered his fight against the Chaos Lord, remembered banishing him from his brother’s mind, remembered the Lord vowing to kill him, remembered…“Ahhh Delphi” a voice hissed from behind him. Delphi froze in fear.“I’ve missed you so much my little mortal.” it sneered.Delphi turned around to look the Lord in the eye and sheer terror took him over. He couldn’t feel anything but the fear inside his mind. The Lord was more terrible than he remembered. The only thing that was unchanged about him was the feeling of pure hatred and evil. The power armour was cracked and darkened, the power sword was now permanently stained a disgusting shade of red and the face was covered in scars and had the hue of dead flesh.“You, you shall not kill me” Delphi stuttered.The Lord snorted at this.“You will die at my hands if I wish it to happen! But my hands are too good for you and your mortal kin.” he snarled raising his power sword. “Now tell me, mortal, how would you like to die?”Delphi stared with a mixture of horror and terror at the Chaos Lord.“TELL ME NOW MORTAL!” the Lord roared swinging the sword in Delphi’s direction.Delphi, dropping his lasgun, rolled out of the way of the magically enhanced sword.

The Lord smiled “I shall have fun with you before your death”

Kicking the dropped lasgun aside the Lord approaches Delphi letting his malice and hatred flow into the earth with each step. Delphi curled up into a ball as he felt the hatred hit him, he winced as the Lord stood above him and spoke in an immortal language above him.

“Come now my little human. I thought you had more fight in you.” the Lord sneered.“I do,” Delphi mumbled weakly, “and you shall feel it now!”With that Delphi took a small knife out of his pocket and jammed it into the Lords groin. The Lord squealed in agony as the knife pierced the armour and entered his flesh.“You will pay for that mortal!” he wheezed.“And you will bow before me,” Delphi said sarcastically. He kicked the Lord into the mud.

Running, Delphi retrieved his lasgun and began to fire at the rising Lord. The Lord of Chaos quickly put a shield around himself protecting his body as he removed the knife from his groin. The Lord crushed the knife in his hand. He picked up his power sword and pointed it at Delphi.“You shall die!” he shouted as he let go of the sword. The sword headed straight for Delphi’s heart.

Delphi jumped as the sword hit his chest. He flew back five metres and found the sword protruding from his stomach. He groaned in agony as the gastric juices spread about his organs, sending jolts of pain through his entire body.

The Lord smiled as he saw the sword impale the man. He began to walk towards Delphi, enjoying the pain and suffering the man would endure for the last few minutes of his life before his soul was sent to the warp.

Reaching the dying man the Lord laughed. Delphi looked up at the seven-foot tall madman in front of him and spat at him.“Now Delphi you should respect your piers,” the Lord mocked, “especially when I have the power to save your puny life.”“I would rather die than have to face my life knowing that I was saved by scum!” Delphi yelled.“Oh don’t worry I wouldn’t waste my time with your type,” the Lord sneered.

Delphi decided not to respond to that, he had had enough, he was dying with no way to prevent it so he would let the Lord mock him, taunt him, he didn’t care anymore.

“I shall end your life now,” the Lord said after a few minutes, “as I am becoming impatient of its arrival.”

With that the Lord bent down and broke Delphi’s neck and taking his soul to take back to his master to do with it as he pleased.

As the Lord walked off without thinking about what he had done he thought he heard somewhere at the back of his mind.‘I am not finished with you yet Taelock, not yet…’

Can you please crit the hell outta this, i need to see what I can improve on
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