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The March of WAAAGGH!! Gagbozz

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The March of WAAAGGH!! Gagbozz

Postby M3g4B4sh » Tue Jun 06, 2006 10:00 pm

I am writing up my armies fluff in a series of topics since it is going to be pretty long and no one likes 8 pages of writing to read.

Long ago before the founding of the imperium on the far western edge of human space tribes of orks fought for supremecy and control of one another until eventually a WAAAGGH would form and all who stood in it's path would fall. In 10,000 years not much has changed the orks grow stronger with each passing year drawing more to thier armies until a galaxy wide war begins the latest of these great WAAAGGH's led by the prophet of gork and mork himself almost spelt a crippling blow to the imperium.

How ever on the planet of Kharnos VII just on the edge of imperial space an event that hasn't happend for 500years now takes place the great empire of the tyrant Bargdum has been challenged by a small tribe of orks outnumbered 500:1 but more then capable of felling a force much greater then thiers. This force is led by a protogie of Ghazkhull himself this ork is known by the name Gagbozz the unstoppable never has he been beaten even when he stole troops from his former master he escaped with the survivors alive.

On the surface of this damned planet war has broken out and now the loser will face the ultimate penelty and the survivor will be free to riegn over this accursed empire as they see fit. However due to the reputation of Gagbozz many 100's of orks flee from Bargdums hordes to fight among Gork incarnate.

The initial skirmishes took place in ruined industrial sectors where the hordes of Bargdum's WAAAGGH were beaten back by massess of flamers and stikkbombz before Gagbozz' boyz closed in for the kill soon the industrial sector of the southern continet were under Gagbozz' control and his forces could be supplied with new amunition and vehicles as needed...this was the beginning this whole planet would be clenched in Gagbozz' fist and soon he would have the army he needed to do what Ghazkhull could not.
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