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AOS 2012 Meetup(I mean some CHAOS games I played this week)

PostPosted: Mon Oct 29, 2012 11:29 am
by killmaimburn
AKA the wandering ill thoughtout route march enlieu of tourney.
AKA 5 batreps 1 post (no girls)

Basically, with the we don't mono-event going off to mono-events, and everyone else faffing around RWI decided not to show, and then 11ish I wrang the northern lot to find that they were working and had meant to post something at some time.
Because are numbers were so iffy and cancelleriffic Eye of storm cancelled our event, Stunty got shirty and got us tables..
But the brummy lot put on a strong showing as did we.. and I brought CHAOS!! (as did 3 others actually).


10 chosen 4 melta in rhino- 255
10 chosen 4 plas on foot 240
24 cultists sit with abbaddon for all his stealhty pants goodys.106 pts

5 bikes MOS 1 melta ,mutation roll .lightnig claw -155
8 bikes 170 2 melta 20 on bikes MOK 16 melta bombs and lightnig claw (226)

Tri las pred-140
3 autocannon havoc squad 105 (meh old skool missile launchers)
3 autocannon havoc squad 105

Herald of Tzeentch on chariot with soul devourer (force weapon)85
5 Horrors bolt of change and changling. 100
3 flamers 69 points

Note throughout the games listed below it slowly morphed into the list given at the end.

A history of violence,

GAME#1 against duck tie guys smurfs (2flyer quad gun emplacement) abbaddons reroll for autocannons made sure nothing of his threatened me.. overkill. He played a good castle game, but it was run away with the ball (here you see my rat cultists running away with the priceless shrine to ancient GW monopose chaos lords) I had the ball safely tucked away in my end zone(just far away from anything that could hurt me) with an army betwixt us.
Chaos focus- Stood in front of him turn 1..scary army is scary and in your face.. (wall of pics.. I might edit in descriptions later).
It took a shedload of fire power to bring down his 5 terminators.. horrors, plas chosen, and my demon HQ no holding back.. to keep him stuck in his deployment zone.ImageImageImage

GAME#2 Took on a combined force of stuntys flyer wing and klueless's nidzilla, talked my way out of victory by helping klueless remember rules like that he was able to rebuild his monsters, telling him what I might do (which meant he changed his duck tie deciding the forces of chaos shouldn't win (he commited game Seppuku to make sure abbaddon got no glory),we all got excited and forgot chunks of stuff (e.g. I wondered why a flamer template barely scratched scarabs and only remembered why that was wrong 3 days later).
Chaos focus- nids and necrons have bugger all (CH) so there was no opportunity to upgrade anyone anywhere.

ALL IMAGES CAN BE FOUND HERE... (I got well confused.. I'd be taking saves on stuff that apparently had already died due to someone else rolling and whoah.. it was awesome.. but confusing.)


Then everyone went home vowing not to do this again.

GAME #3 Played stunty's flyerwing (awesome clarification that frog had been cheating saying they were av13) Stunty misreads warlord traits so that he can always reroll all 1s.. only remedy'd turn 4, by which point I only have abaddon left (who destroys a ghost ark, an annihilation barge, a command squad with awesome IC a triarch stalker.. then goes down.. Stunty was well peeved and the game carried on till the end of turn 7 just so that he could finally table me/kill abbadon with his entire focused army. (which got smaller turn by turn)
Chaos focus- everyone constantly telling me to let abaddon leave the cultists was a trap, I leave and they all regained their memorys and wandered back to a simple arable farm life immediately.
highlight for me was the storm lightning "its ok the internet says its rubbish".. hitting me with 7+ str 8 hits a turn from imotecks rain of "you can't see me!!" wiping out nearly a 5th of my army.
ABaddon saving grace of all chaos chomping through most of a necron army.
Why do necron players take optimistic reading of rules when already most powerful codex.
#4 James guard diagonals grab the football.
Fun game chunk of tooing and froing, Abaddon leads mutants to the ball after horrors have deepstruck on it turn one to put all the pressure on him to come TOWARDS my khorne bikes.. Narrow win for me.- Unworthy offering dark apotheoisis of nothing everywhere.

Image (this is an image of end of turn 1 clicky clicky)

#5 James new blob guard, Lengthways crusade (3 mysetrious objectives 2 near him)

I got lucky all his plasma killed itself turn 1 (I crap you not, he had 6 guys die to overheats triggering 2 leadership tests), demons bang on (actually scattered to even BETTER place).. khorne bikes with jink in his lines turn 2.. made my first demon prince.. conceeded at the end of turn 2, he had 2 vendettas and a couple of heavy weapon squads. Overkill. (in retrospect during 1 turn I got my maths wrong and had 19 too many attacks, but it was all done at that point and 19 was a very small percentage of the khorne bucket) I was also prescient (having said his plas would miss, by also) using precision shots from my biker sergants bolters to take down the commisar on the way in...yummy.

List by end of game 6
Nurgle lord in termie armour (plague marines as troops, fearless sits with cultists)-120

5 Plague marines 2 melta rhino=175
10 CSM Veterans 2 melta, combi melta on sarge combi plas on rhino 225
10 CSM Veterans 2 plas, combi plas on sarge combi plas on rhino 235
20 cultists .2 stubbers 100 pts

5 bikes MOK 2 melta, veterans ,lightnig claw -160
8 bikes 170 2 melta on bikes MOK veterans. Melta bomb and lightnig claw (234)

Tri las pred-140
3 autocannon havoc squad 105 (meh old skool missile launchers)
3 autocannon havoc squad 105

Herald of Tzeentch on chariot with soul devourer (force weapon)85
5 Horrors bolt of change and changling. 100
3 flamers 69 points

Everyone says the demons contingent are awesome..Everyone says the bikes are awesome, (although LH wants me to find 40 points to give them furious charge and reroll charge range) the cultists have constantly held the core of the game together and have only fled once (when I listened to others)..Lh wants me to drop the whole blob base concept.. I think he’s scared.
People generally want me to take 4 lascannon havocs instead of tri las.. but I can’t find the points..Dropping abbaddon meant I needed to invest in veterans..thats alright.
Lots of games people just kept refusing challeneges unless it was abbadon and they had the chance of nerfing him through spawnage.
I have no idea about my CSM troops, I need at the very least a LD10 termie armour sorcerer (preferably lord for fearless).. I need at least 20 meq..its a sticky wicket.. I welcome others views (just plague marines all the time? they are quite good this edition..they just suck at challenges)

Re: AOS 2012 Meetup(I mean some CHAOS games I played this week)

PostPosted: Mon Oct 29, 2012 1:51 pm
by ruffian4
Good to see your chaos cup runneth over ... are you going to remain faithful to this spouse, or flirt off to new vistas when something new crops up (tart) or is this the new tart?

19 dice isn't an epic cheat, but really you should have tried a multiple of 8, don't you think?

Re: AOS 2012 Meetup(I mean some CHAOS games I played this week)

PostPosted: Tue Oct 30, 2012 6:37 am
by killmaimburn
I'm a realist, I expect the da to do a better bike list and some folks at the meet up pointed out that nomatter what I do its bikes.
my bikes may move on, but my heart squirts with chaos... one of the reasons I stand against all the little chipping away at the list ..its very easy to slip into a blood angels like list.
lh is obliging and when last asked would allow aspiring sorcerers to be mastery 2, so they're are a lot of units and configs yet to try out..heck I still haven't found a happy core troop, or tried the new awespawn.

Just in case people want to keep an eye on should be
shooting (inc single grenade)- 1 hammer of wrath, 1 basic+1 2cc (+2 on charge or +1 if being charged after certain criteria)(-1 for sarge having an unwieldy but +1 for being champ)and its costs 22 points per sexy sexy model.

Re: AOS 2012 Meetup(I mean some CHAOS games I played this week)

PostPosted: Tue Dec 04, 2012 12:22 pm
by killmaimburn
Ok so let see, played a bunch of epi lists..
Game 7 1850
Epidimemus + 15 Plague bearers + a demon prince with wings
Lord MON, 20 cultists stubberx2 aegis wall with quadgun
4 spawn of nurgle 4 bikes of nurgle (1 melta)
5 plague marines 2 melta.
3obliterators,2obliterators 5 havocs autocannon all MON..
Against deathwing got a surprise victory, ignored landraiders.. just kept shooting the crap out of troops endlessly (whilst epi and crew hungout boring corner of table on a safe objective)

LH suggested dropping the bikes and the DP for more spawn (I disagree but still did it)
Game 8 1850 ,pitched battle
Epi and 15 plaguebearers (certain to turn up turn 1)
Lord,20 cultist ,aegis line quad gun
2x3spawn 1x5 bikers..2 melta.
3 oblits,2oblits 5 autocannon havocs of nurgle..

This got close.. but I think was a draw??? – (I’m getting dim memories of deathwing false flanking me and having to run my cultists across the board with the worst luck, IRRC he passed all 18 invulerables from mass plasma cannon or something and I failed to passed any 3+ from stormbolters to bikes leaving me at 1:1 model count against deathwhinge at the end of turn 1. The more I think about it I think it was acrushing one sided defeat., hopefully I shall forget again soon.

Basically epi works.. MON everywhere, cover your tank killing stay mobile win.

Then 2 games that shall live on in infamy infamy they’ve all got it in-fa-my.
Game 9 1500s
Horrendously expensive sorcerer Puppetry and Ummmmmm? (yay Ummm is back) (WTF he only has 2 wounds??)..with 20 cultists heavy stubbers aegis wall quad gun.
10 Khorne bikers of evil.(vets reroll charge range etc)
10CSM 2 plas, sarge has combi plas rhino has combi plas icon etc etc 280 points (WTFFFFFFF how much..must not drunk list make)
2 defilers with super slashy reduce WS extra attack 440points..
Hellbrute of useless, to provide cover for defilers…

Against dual vendetta 6 chimera 2 blob guard.. kick their assess I have enough anti flyer to make them die before they know whats happening the blobs stay too far back in the chase the egg objective game..player tries castling against new ordinance that takes a heavy toll on his tanks..secured game(although sticky squeltchy seats were had.. e.g. when he stole the initiative and all my bikes could perfectly fit under 1 basilisk template, which scattered horribly instead- that and generally having HALF my points in 2xav12 and 1x10man meq unit).

Game10 1500
Sorceror slightly cheaper, 20 cultists stubber,aegis quad.
10 CSM plas plas combiplas fist rhino 250 something yuk..
10 bikers of khorne lightning claw(no melta)
3 spawn MON
5 havocs 4 autocannon.
2 defilers with all the trimmings 230 each..

Vs Stunty (scouring mission= different VP objectives,lengthways again ..always lengthways sigh)
2 landraiders 5 assualt termies 2 tacticals, vindie, predator
I’m sat on a 1, and beside a 2. He’s sat on a 4 and a 3..damn, run towards him then I guess.
He pops a defiler first shot of turn 1, I have nothing that can hurt his landraiders, and termies except for lone defiler in close combat.(whoops list foible)
Spawn run and take out vindie and tacticals in CC (lush)
Bikers tarpitted to death by powermaul wielding libby and lightning claws (he lost his thundernators to overwatch..I lolled) I can’t get by his 2+ he can’t roll passed my T5, take 4 game turns to eat me.
Sorceror constantly casts invisibility on remaining defiler for 2/3+ cover saves..however LH and stunty point out that I’m out of my tree having believe he gets hulldown and then his demon invulnerable.. like a ward save..(can anyone find out where I became so convinced it worked like that???meh..I was most shamed)..fortunately it was only 1 glance different due to awesomeness of invisibility.(honest honest pleas no, put down the shovel, I have no idea how I was 100% convinced please, mercy nooooooo.)

Anyhow, defiler still takes out combat squad landraider and gets him scared on his left flank, who actually melt to persistant autocannon hail, his 2x5 man squads holding all the game points have melted away, I have a spawn sat by the hightest (scouring FA score)..and a 10 man tactical by the crappy low value thing, I have slay the warlord (with the last turn, who was also scoring due to traits)he has first blood.

But yeah.. dem defilers, ermm. Soz..

Next up LH has convinced me to rotate again so I’ll be doing an MSU, I can’t decide yet between rhino spam or drop ..but its going to be recombobulated meat whichever.

I’m thinking my utter lack of melta is a bit sucky if both regular players are just going to constantly deathwing me, so must have the melta back, and since I’ve scared them all off using flyers I can dump that tart.
So first draft MSU chaos at 1500 (shhh don’t tell em)

Sorceror level2=110 Warlord
Sorceror level2 (2 wounds???pah drop termie armour and double wounds instead)=85
20cultists 2 heavy stubbers-100
5CSM BP+CCW 1 melta,veterans rhino=130
5CSM BP+CCW 1 melta,veterans rhino=130
5CSM BP+CCW 1 melta,veterans rhino=130
5CSM BP+CCW 1 melta,veterans rhino=130+melta bombs5
3 bikes 2 melta, MOK, veterans=99 points
3 bikes 2 melta, MOK, veterans=99 points
3 bikes 2 melta, MOK, veterans=99 points
2 obliterators MON=152
5 havocs autocannon=115
5 havocs autocannon=115
(I'm not convinced myself really..but in big guns and scouring thats a lot of scoring)

Re: AOS 2012 Meetup(I mean some CHAOS games I played this week)

PostPosted: Sat Dec 08, 2012 8:31 am
by ruffian4
How are you finding cultists?

Re: AOS 2012 Meetup(I mean some CHAOS games I played this week)

PostPosted: Sat Dec 08, 2012 11:47 am
by killmaimburn
cultists are awesome,(especially when I loathe all things vaguely 10man tactical squad) but as LH constantly reminds me to keep in check, they are either;
A) base that will melt if assaulted by a dedicated CC unit of more than 5/flamered well(e.g. speeder or just multiflamer squad)
B) really cheap wounds/ablatives for an HQ, which also slightly help make him score (assists having a high body count for some of traits)
c) a one shot assaulter deal to the midsection..38 successful hits(when I remember to add the charge bonus..doh :x )on charge after 9 pistol Hits will hurt a lot of types of unit.

They don't have grenades, so have no anti tank capability. but with the heavy stubbers inc have enough shots to push grounded tests on flying MCs.
If you have a termie IC lead you can't chase..
If you leave the IC behind and charge someone you guarantee that the cultist sargent WILL die, (because he must one on one challenge someone without exception better than him), so the IC protects the sarge, as well as the obvious leadership bump, without the IC you WOULD, be Ld7.
With the aegis +2 when going to ground+barricade itself+nightfight, people have generally just refused to waste shots on them, so I've never had to take them to ground (another reason for swapping fearless lord for casting ld10 sorceror to threaten wastage), twinlinked quadgun works fairly well from a bs3 guy leaving the sorceror to cast around the place- its a fairly obvious set piece, which I'm now trying to dig my way back from always fielding.
Having it plus epi and plaguebearers is a terrible waste as they basically do the same thing, but it is the only time I'd take cultists marked.. MON cultists with ap1 poisoned CC and ap1 pistols..yummy.
Unless we ally with guard its very hard to get a unit so cheap that can cover so much table (defensive maneuver referred to as bubblewrapping) to prevent deep strike and mobility into your area. I welcome unlocking a whole field of tactics to do with that stuff, since we don't have cheap speeders or drop pods/chimera walls to do the other style with.

universally every game I'm playing people are sniping out my sargents and special weapons before any upgrades happen now, it just took one demon prince appearing and everyone is 24/7 sniping. So whilst MSU opens up certain oppurtunitys in that regard I think it can only be done in some weird tzeentch fragile build. But whilst people are killing sargents the weight of bodies (MOKbikers, cultists) are most of the time getting the job done quietly and efficiently (without even me noticing and me blubbing in a corner that "OMG I'd dead" etc)

6th ed- 10 man squad can be down to the sarge and the heavy stubber and be needing double ones to not run off the table-since that only takes 2 chimeras todo I haven't bothered to field 10man.. I know it would vanish before I put it down.15 wounds to them is much harder to accomplish without ignoring lots of the rest of the table..20 is the right place, 2 heavy stubbers, CCWs, something attached. You could try two of those but I think it leads to a rather boring minias tirth castling of crap, I don't play that slow.

Re: AOS 2012 Meetup(I mean some CHAOS games I played this week)

PostPosted: Sat Dec 08, 2012 5:08 pm
by ruffian4
killmaimburn wrote:You could try two of those but I think it leads to a rather boring minias tirth castling of crap, I don't play that slow.

3000 pnts all infantry guard then???

Not sure about the new dex.
No-money or particular desire to get new stuff.

Forge/maulerfiends are hellbrutes.
Helldrake looks ok, but unless Stargod buys one I wont be getting my hands on one. That will (maybe) unbalance TWAT as we are pretty much balooned out as far as getting new stuff (painted).
Mutilators, errr why?
Wank talons, errr why?

Only new thang I am using is the burning brand (passing it off as a noise marine sonic doobrey).

As far as cultists go, I have mixed feelings, as they seem to just "dilute" what you have, iyswim.
Bad mamaries of a game with latd, that I had lost before I moved.
Also a game vs tau with ccsm + guard that I was losing big time, till (gimmick) 2x hellhounds arrived outflanking (creed) and won the game for me.