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Brief Bat rep on Orks V Tau

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Brief Bat rep on Orks V Tau

Postby RotweillerofJustice » Sun Nov 21, 2010 12:14 pm

Hi all,

I had a game against Tammy Haye a couple of weeks agao. She came down and brought her orks and I played my Tau.

The limit was 2000 points each. This allowed me to field quite a few models. In fact. I managed to field more than Tammy's as she loaded up heavily with Ork Kans and dreds!

So what did I take?
Commander Sahdowsun
A Shas'el Commander and two Bodyguards
Three units of 12 Fire Warriors with pulse rifles and Bonded.
Two units of 6 stealth suits
A full unit of Pathfinders and their obligatory devilfish with two seeker missiles
A Squad of 20 Kroot and a shaper
Two indivdual Broadsides
And cos I had some points left 4 gun drones

I can't recall the points for all of the top of my head and I can't find the list. But when I do I will put them up.

Off the top of my head Tammy took
Gazgull Thrakka
ten Nobz
30 Boys
20 Gretchin
a Battle Wagon
5 Koptas
Shokk Attak Gun
A Vulcha Squad led by that other fella, (Someone remind me of his name please!)
3 Killer Kans
And a Deff Dredd

We only managed to get four game turns in but safe to say that I did manage to royally stuff my opponent. :-)
Essentially I kept my Tau as far back as possible.
I put a Broadside in each corner of my deployment zone to give me a good arc of fire for both. In one corner I also put my Pathfinders. Running along the board between these I put the three firewarrior teams, kroot, Stealth suits and the commanders.
Tammy set up with her boys on one flank. Nobz in the wagon and Killer Kans and dredd in the centre. Vulcha's i reserve and the rest spread across the line. There is a photo but because I forgot my phone I had to use py phone and they are a little dark.

Essentially Tammy had first turn and immediately moved forwards. She fired her battle cannon and caused some deaths in my Fire warrior squad she had targeted. Essentially there wasn't much shooting done by her as most of her boys etc were out of range.
When I took my first turn I immediately used my markerlights to light up her killer cans and then promptly took one out with my broadside. I then opened fire on her boys with the krook and fire warriors taking some out but not many. My other broadside targeted the battlewagon and promptly immobilised it forcing her to disembark her nobz.
I had moved my crisis suits and stealth suits forward.

Next turn Tammy was able to move into shooting range and I started to take some casualties from her shooting. She also shot me with the Shokk atack gun and I lost a few more! She moved the Boys closer and my kroot took some casualties but again not many. Gazgull was also stomping forwards towards a stealth team.
I targeted Ghazzghul with the pathfinders and got several hits. I expended the two seeker missiles at him but his 2+ save shrugged them off with ease. I again targeted the boys with available kroot and FW and a few more fell.The crisis suits fired at the nobz but was prety in effective. I also targeted her koptas and took out one with a volley of Pulse rifles. But only just.

In turn three tammy remembered that she had some Vulchas in reserve and successfully rolled to get them on the board deep striking in next to a squad of FW which she promptly assaulted. Taking heavy casualties they passed their morale test and . Tammy also assaulted my crisis suits but these managed to last two turns of combat and took a few nobz with them.
Gazzghul also got into combat with a squad of stealth suits and almost wiped them out. The last two lasted for two turns of combat.
I replied with my markerlights on her Deff dredd and took out a weapon with the broadside I used to take advantage of the hits. With some markerlight tokens still available I targeted the dredd with the other Broadside and destroyed it. Ha ha! AGain I targeted the boys and wiped out a few more. The pulse rifles and kroot guns being very effective at taking them out. I used shadowsun in a jump, shoot, jump manouver to take out another kan. I slo used the gun drone squad to pin the deff koptas with their pulse carbines. Very handy.

In the final turn Tammy mullered my remaining crisis suits allowing her to consolidate. The Vulchas made short work of the remaining FW they were engaged with. Ghazghull was still locked in combat with the last two stealth suits of the squad he'd assaulted and the boys shot some more of my kroot.
In my final turn I killed her last kan and took out the the last of her Deff Koptas. I also target the boys that were now within 12" of my kroot and took a large toll of the remaining ones before alsmost wiping it out witha volley from a FW team. My other stealth team targeted the vulchas and took out enough to force a morale check which the just passed.

As Tammy had to get back to london we called it a day. Tammy agred that had we been able to play the last turn then I would have ended up with more kill points than her and therefore said I won. In all it was a fun game. We are going to play again and Tammy has said that she will be looking at her list again. Her Gretchin really didn't do anything and I didn't even target them. My broadsides in conjunction with the pathfinders were invaluable. And as expected. Where Tammy did get into close combat I got squished in a big way!!
Tau Army 2010-10-29.JPG
Very pleased with what I could get for 2000 points!
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