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Meetup Spring 2012 Tourney Batrep (Now 50%more readable)

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Re: Meetup Spring 2012 Tourney Batrep (Now 50%more readable)

Postby killmaimburn » Fri Mar 23, 2012 7:39 am

Herne wrote: nor get personal about other peoples choices of lists.
I'm stating that if I had known in advance there would be 4 levels to terrain and it would be everywhere I would have taken a jump pack assault army.. Odins beard..I'd have dropped shield of sanguineous. If it rubs at some big scar me mentioning vendettas in the small list of people who benefit from certain *extreme* terrains I'll leave that for your own introspection.(I left out JSJ bodysuit tau.. because I have yet to see them at any tourney.)Its just like guard/tau/SW gunline benefit from absolute bowling ball at the cost of av11/12 spam+midrange armies 'try emptying your board for a change, you might like it :wink: '

Don't worry about it Bane, I still haven't figured out how to create event stuff either.. I think its a thing where a thread is created and then mods shuffle it into the folder??? I think we could resurrect that banner ad that fella made to go in the top empty bit of the site.(deadlines for signups?)
Could do August- but only airconditioned, I struggle with even a gentle stroll in the typical British Junes these days. (suggest different thread so your topic doesn't get clumped in with whatever you regard this thread as, shall I split it?)

BTW if any RWI guys reading
a) please note how nice I found my opponents (was clear)
b) get your admin to pull his finger out and let me in so I can play you crazies.
Barely even lurking..
ruffian4 wrote:Handy fellow, this kmb...Like Ahriman delving the paths of the webway ...
World of ME First try at Apoc Batrep WHAT/WHO is AOS?
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