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Re: Allies

Postby markb » Tue Jul 10, 2012 9:44 pm

As I've got IG, vanilla SM and Tau they're all reasonably interchangible so will probably end up with a mix of SM/IG and Tau/IG. I'm giving serious thought to finishing off the Tau (just bought a load of marker drones off eBay) so will probably end up with a Tau/IG mix, probably using Tau as the core with a blob of IG and maybe a Leman Russ thrown in or a Hydra for AA. Be interesting to see if/when they redo Tau if they will revert the Skyray back to its original Epic role of AA.
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Re: Allies

Postby ruffian4 » Wed Jul 11, 2012 7:27 am

Ljundhammer wrote:@Ruffian - it's a big galaxy. Pretty much anything you can think of in the fluff has probably happened somewhere. Yes, even rule 34.

Edit - and beastmen are known a shamany-type characters - why wouldn't he have a chemical/alchemical concotion he can blow from a blow pipe (or something) which would act as a flamer?

Fair points, but, like I said, that's the slippery slope to justifying pretty much anything, which kind of dilutes the purity of the concept.

If I accept the possibility of flamers/ klaws (however neatly explained fluff-wise), I get to the point of should they have a trukk (among others)?
That's the point I reach when I'm trying to make them better for the sake of it, which kind of undermines the purpose. :|

... and it is ... tempting.
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Re: Allies

Postby Ljundhammer » Wed Jul 11, 2012 9:40 am

Truk? How about a battlewagon?

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Re: Allies

Postby Herne » Wed Jul 11, 2012 11:08 am

killmaimburn wrote:.....Yes but, exactly like my demon prince description, as an unlocker you get no beneifit from them..
You (not accusatory, just phrasing) have just spent another 235 (if min without transport) on something that cannot recieve the FNP (as they didn't have it to start) and who don't get ap2 bolters, because you bought them ap2 guns already.....

Aaah! I C what you mean! Hadn't considered that. :oops:

killmaimburn wrote:Making it actually broken relies on the premise being secure (300 min) the fire that melts off the locks (demon princes, chosen plas 800 ish) and then something to actually benefit from it so lets say non min maxed (as they have to survive and they are your core troops) 2x10 plague marines led by fist in a rhino=650 that is your 1750(and then it needs a chaos HQ to be rules legal). Not really broken.. fragile if the DPs fail to land or get shot quickly, needs them for killing men AND for killing tanks (as ignoring armour saves doesn't=ap1) AND for grabbing fliers out of midair.
Its messy :D

Goo dpoints - gonna remember these in case anyone moans at me for trying it out. I think therefore the challenge is in pulling it off in the average game. As you say - fragile and messy - needs the right circumstances and is delicate due to overpointed units. (Roll on the new chaos 'dex!) :D
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Re: Allies

Postby killmaimburn » Sun Jul 15, 2012 9:10 am

Herne wrote: gonna remember these in case anyone moans at me for trying it out. I think therefore the challenge is in pulling it off in the average game. :D
good luck.
Now that IA has had its ally rules put out (apart from seething that huron can only be good) can anyone think of any nice combos?
( http://www.forgeworld.co.uk/News/Downloads.html )
My first ally using IA choice would be.

Orks IA8 enemies with benefits
HQ Big meq megaarmour (T/L shoota powerclaw meks tools) 75
Troop Deffdread 85 points
FA 1x5 killa kanz with grotzuckers=225

385 for 6 walkers and a terminator techmarine (4+fix) it also lists A vehicle rather than friendly vehicle so might (tenuously work with frenemies)
And with 1 mission allowing fast vehicles to score you have a 1 in6 that those kans even more must go down. :lol:
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