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First Impressions of an Old Player

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First Impressions of an Old Player

Postby _stu_ » Wed May 26, 2010 5:09 pm


That was certainly fun! As Ive mentioned elsewhere, Lis and I had planned to spend this afternoon at the local GW store, playing an intro game to the latest 40k.

Rather than spend ages workin out lists and such, we jumped straight in with an approximately even (points wise) pair of armies facing off in a standard 3 objective game.

In my corner, Commander Culln and his Captain Deputy headed up a force made up of a Termie squad, Assault Termie Squad, a 10 Man Tac Squad (broke into 2 combat squads) and a Dreadnought.

On the opposite side, a mixed force made up of a Cannoness, SoB Squad, Seraphim Squad and Immolator - supported by a SM Captain, leading a squad of Termies, Tac Squad and Dreadnought...

In short - a good time was had by all - was good to be taken through the rules by someone who was genuinely interested (rather than just saying "you need this to hit / wound /save etc, we got pretty good explanations of how things were worked out, and easy methods of remembering various modifiers etc) in teaching the game rather than making sales. It's certainly helped us both get a good grounding with the units we already have - and given us ideas on where to take things next.

For those interested, the SoB / SM won a fairly decisive victory - having claimed two of the three objectives and contesting the 3rd. The body count on my side was astronomical (surely a dodgy batch of terminator armour methinks, or the missus heavily loading my dice! "call me snake eyes......AGAIN!")

In my eyes, the game certainly flows a LOT better than the earlier editions I've played in the past (I did have fairly limited exposure, due to primarily focussing on the Epic system). We're already planning to run a few skirmish style games on the table (if i can get this goddamn thawk glued into one piece) to get a feel for each of the units / special rules etc (the naivity of ploughing a group of LC equipped termies towards the Melta equiped dread springs to mind!)

In short, a big plus one from me and Lis - both very keen to keep on playing / painting / learning, and I guess that's all I could really ask.


(*really needs to build some terrain to play on at home next)
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Re: First Impressions of an Old Player

Postby Spack » Wed May 26, 2010 5:39 pm

_stu_ wrote:the naivity of ploughing a group of LC equipped termies towards the Melta equiped dread springs to mind!

Yeah, not a great move, especially if you ever make it to combat and then realise you can't actually hurt the dread :P This is why when I use termies I mix in some Thunder Hammers just in case I end up near anything with half decent armour.

It's nice to see that you had a good time. I see loads of stories about how GW stores push on the hard sell, but so far I haven't experienced it myself.
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Re: First Impressions of an Old Player

Postby killmaimburn » Wed May 26, 2010 6:08 pm

And the storm shield is a now a *3+* invulnerable *to shooting as well as close combat*. new codex thunderhammer wielders are a V big deal :D
Lots of old timers talk about the pacing :D I think weeks pass by far too quickly myself :D
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Re: First Impressions of an Old Player

Postby _lis_ » Wed May 26, 2010 10:49 pm

I have to agree with Stu and say that the guy who talked us through the new rules was really good and not pushy at all. It was nice to use my Sisters in a real battle and get a feel for what they can do. I am looking forward to getting my head into the sisters pecific stuff now and am looking forward to more games.

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Re: First Impressions of an Old Player

Postby mattjgilbert » Thu May 27, 2010 9:34 am

I've always liked the SoB and had to persuade our friend Paul to keep his army. I might borrow it again actually for some more games.

5th Ed certainly does flow better than previous editions. RT and 2nd ed were fun, but could get bogged down in detail and were not designed for larger scale engagements.

Glad you liked it :D
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