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Homebrew 40K - First Draft of Units

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Homebrew 40K - First Draft of Units

Postby Puddy » Thu Oct 25, 2007 8:34 am

Additions, changes and feedback welcome.

Design Document: Potential Units/Upgrades


The Autarch may now select the Ranger Long Rifle at a cost of +5 pts.

Imperial Guard

Grenadier Command Squad
A Grenadier Command Squad that’s available when taking at least two grenadier squads. Note that the Command Squad does not use up a slot on the force organisation chart. Consists of one Junior Officer and four grenadiers. Has the same options as a regular command squad.

Thorian Transport Truck
Unarmoured truck used for towing and transporting up to 12 men to the frontlines. Not for use in direct fire situations. Low cost but non-existent combat ability.

Nemean-pattern Chimera – (WIP name)
An alternative pattern Chimera. It was made to be cheap and easy to produce. The Nemean-pattern Chimera has got a slightly weaker engine than the standard Chimera but compensates by being lighter. The vehicle has no turret and is therefore lowered in cost. It may be upgraded with a pintle-mounted weapon for no extra cost.


Alternate Regimental Organisations: Rapid Recruitment – (WIP name)
This is taken to represent the regiment’s wide usage of Conscript Troops. This might be due to some unforeseen conflict that has arisen or just an army with focus on manpower.

The army may take 0-3 Conscript Platoons without fulfilling the requirement of having one ordinary Infantry Platoon per Conscript Platoon. This doctrine requires Restricted Troops: Conscripts.

May not be combined with -?-

Alternate Regimental Organisations: Cavalry Regiment
This regiment comes from a world of rich wildlife, and is specialised in training steeds or other beasts to bring with them on the field of battle.

Any Guard Infantry unit may be mounted on steeds, giving them cavalry movement. They may not include any heavy weapons, but a unit normally able to take heavy weapons may instead choose a meltagun at +10 points, a grenade-launcher at +8 points or a flamer at +6 points. Any Cavalry model may substitute a lasgun for a Shotgun at no extra cost. Costs +2 points per model.

May not be combined with Special Equipment: Warrior Weapons, Jungle Fighters or Light Infantry.

Space Marines

Scout Recon Leader
This experienced veteran is clad in Scout Armour and spearheads dangerous stealth missions behind enemy lines. Occupies an HQ slot and when selected, the army may only select Scout-units and fast-moving vehicles. The Master Sergeant is a utility character and can rarely rely on sheer strength but instead uses his cunning and command to better direct his forces. Equipped with a bolter, that can be exchanged for a bolt pistol and close combat weapon, as well as a sniper rifle.

Scout Veterans
Experienced scouts handpicked for special missions. They are masters of stealth and sabotage and are used to hit enemy weak points and seize objectives of utmost tactical importance. The Scout Veterans have access to special weaponry and they have also learnt to use their limited ammo supply with great accuracy and may therefore re-roll all “To hit”-dice in the shooting phase. They can however only be selected if a Scout Recon Leader is present.
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