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My first game of 6th.

PostPosted: Wed Jul 04, 2012 6:37 pm
by Ogregut
Had my first game of 6th today and really enjoyed it.

First impressions are very good. I took 1750 dark eldar vs space wolves. We did the first mission with a standand setup so we could focus on the rule changes.

First turn was brutal on the space wovles as it was night fighting and dark eldar are immune to it. Being able to pre-measure and move and still fire max range is very tasty!

The new wound allocation works very well, after the dust had settled 2 units of grey hunters only had their power fist, wolf banner, melta gun, plasma gun and wulfen left. In 5th he could have lost some of those.

In the space wovles first turn, the new night fighting rules came into effect. As my boats had moved I got my 5+ jink save as well as the added saves depending on ranges. Almost had a first turn charge as well as the sky claws used their jump packs to move 12" and needed a 8+ to charge my beasts, they only rolled a 7 tho.

Dan did score first blood however as he killed a venom .

My second turn i moved up ready to charge and in the shooting phase I managed to kill the remaining grey hunters of one unit and mr ragnar blackmane himself!

In the assult phase the hellions charge the other unit of grey hunters and bounce off and get wiped out for their troubles! The beast charge the skyclaws and beat them by 5, however the skyclaws are fearless so no checks are needed and now no fearless saves. My talos failed his charge tho the plasma gunner who overwatched him killed himself, which was nice!

My turn 3 the razorwing flew onto the table and targeted a unit of puppies holding an objective taking them down to 1 model. The returning fire didn't do anything tho had a scary moment when a missile hit the wing, thankfully my flickerfeild kicked in.

Turn 4 my guys are mopping up the pups, a raider full of warriors rapid fired on 3 space wolves trying to sneak into my deployment zone. Really enjoying moving my raiders and having the all guys inside shoot.

This turn did highlight a big weakness of the flyers. They have very limited field of fire and most of the space wovles just moved toward the razorwing and because I had to move I couldn't see them. In turn 5 I would have had nothing to fire at as I would have to move pass all units so I decided to fly off the table and come back on next turn (if there was one).

Turn 6 did happen and the razorwing came back on the take some longfangs out while my warriors finished off the rune preist.

In the end it was 7VP to me (2 objectives and killed the warlord) and 2 to Dan (first bllod and killed the warlord).

Overall we both really enjoyed the game and like the changes. Im a fan of hull points, a couple of times my boats were glanced which in 5th at best I wouldn't be able to shoot as worse be wrecked. Now lose a hull point and move on.

Looking forward to playing more.

Re: My first game of 6th.

PostPosted: Thu Jul 05, 2012 4:17 pm
by killmaimburn
Glad to hear it went well, how did the warlord generation effect pre game speed- how did such things effect your game?
We're having what now appears to be almost a show game on sunday.

Re: My first game of 6th.

PostPosted: Thu Jul 05, 2012 5:16 pm
by Ogregut
It didn't really slow things down as it is just a roll on a table. We both chose personal traits and both rolled legendry fighter which means we get a VP for every character our warlord kills in a challenge. Both our warlords however got killed early on before we had a chance to challenge anyone!

Let us know how your show games go.

Re: My first game of 6th.

PostPosted: Sun Jul 08, 2012 11:38 am
by KInG
Wow DE seem to have benifited from the rules change alot. I might have to make them my 'list to learn new rules with' for now. Thanks for the report.

Re: My first game of 6th.

PostPosted: Sun Jul 08, 2012 5:47 pm
by Ogregut
I thought I would use an army that I know well to learn the new rules and while the DE have benifited from a lot of the rules we have also lost a few things, like not being able to assult out of the webway portal and reduced cover saves in certain terrain.

Overall tho I do think the DE are still a strong army.