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My first new figures in almost 10 years

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My first new figures in almost 10 years

Postby Spack » Sat Aug 25, 2018 9:59 am

Just got my first new figures in 10 years from https://www.gamingfigures.com .


I've always liked the look of the AdMech but there were very few figures back then, just the Techpriest Enginseer for the IG, and a few older figures. I stopped playing 40k before the Skitarii made an appearance, but now I'm back I grabbed some of the boxes sets to start my army off. I'll look at adding robots later, I might have some old RT robots kicking around that don't look as lumpy as the current ones.

I also picked up some Grey Knight characters. I've already got a small GK force made up of a few squads, terminators (metal and plastic), a Dreadknight, couple of Dreadnoughts, and Stern. Also have a few of the old RT era terminators. Love the ornately detailed armour. So I've added Kaldor Draigo, Castellan Crowe, and Grand Master Voldus.

Also picked up my first Imperial Knight. Not sure if I'll user it as a support unit, or may look at adding other Knights for a small self contained army.

And Gav threw in a Kill Team rulebook too, looking forward to trying out some small games.
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Re: My first new figures in almost 10 years

Postby conscriptboris » Tue Aug 28, 2018 9:54 am

Of course he threw in a Rulebook, any good dealer know free samples drags people in harder!

Awesome, not got a knight myself yet, should look at picking one up!
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