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New ORK datasheets

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New ORK datasheets

Postby Typhus » Wed Jan 02, 2008 1:29 pm

There out there, if you know where to look

Trukks- can move 48" on roads and get an extra 2D6 when "attacking"
Shokk attack Guns- multiple shokk attack guns shoot at the target with bonus dice for having extra guns. The have the same effect, but use the 10" template. You get bonuses for using extra snotlings. It also has the ability to create a vortex grenade.
Green Tide- 100 orks, can Waaagh every turn, get move through cover and can join the warbosses unit when they fail a moral test (?)
Ork Sub- Super heavy, can have giant gun. Carries 60 orks. Reserves in on the water. Cannot move once it deploys/surfaces.
Pulsa Rokkit- One shot weapon. Once it lands, has a random effect on all dearby units until it is destroyed (all stats drop to 1, pinned, etc)
Mine Layer- moves at 6" a turn, drops 1 mine a turn, explodes really big.

http://www.golden-throne.com/forum/view ... &start=780

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Postby Sammael » Wed Jan 02, 2008 4:35 pm

wow that all sounds fantastic fun. :D
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