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The paint furnace???

PostPosted: Fri Apr 06, 2012 8:34 pm
by ruffian4
I went to gw earlier, to get some painty paint.
While I wasn't there, the new boss squig told me about the new paints.

As I was after some snot green (if its not green I don't need it, stop wasting my time), I tried to angle some cheapo paint.
Not a chance says he.

The sultana paints are on sale for "x" time, until they put the new ones on, at that point the old stuff goes off-line.
So, some cheapo then, asks I? OUT THE BACKDOOR?

No, everything will be accounted for, as they can no-longer pay VAT on the "old" range and whatever is left will be thrown into the furnace and checkably so. 8O

I know nothing of buisness and have no-sense (aka nonsence), did he pull my bits or does this make any kind of sense???

Re: The paint furnace???

PostPosted: Fri Apr 06, 2012 8:40 pm
by estarriol
He is probably right.

I suspect there licence with theri old paint maker has expired so they no longer are able to sell them, as depending on the deal they mnay have to pay royalties against them.

Re: The paint furnace???

PostPosted: Sat Apr 07, 2012 5:00 pm
by Red Devil
I went to GW yesterday to get some of the old paints before they switched over. I also work in retail.

Conventional wisdom says to clear old stock to low levels because if its unsellable (due to date, ranging, fashion, etc) then you lose if you are left with high levels of 'dead' stock (as you've already paid a cost price, unless its on a 'sale or return' agreement). One way to do this is to reduce the selling price to speed up unit sales and clear stocks down. However, this is not GW policy (largely due to a certain level of inelasticity, plus I'm sure they can re-work dead stock).

I didn't get a discount when I went in. To be fair to GW, they did not need to in my local store. They were practically cleared out of all paints. I only wanted 6 paints and 2 were sold out, 2 I got the last pot and the other 2 had only a few left. The only colours in reasonable quantity were the purples.

The reason I wanted the old paints (apart from embarking on a BIG project) is because one of the foundation paints I use (Knarloc Green) does have a substitute, but not as a 'Base' paint (the Foundation equivalents), it is a Layer paint. I like the idea of the new paints and will give them a go, but it would have been good if there was consistency across the substitute colours (eg Base = Foundation, Layer = Colour, etc).