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Troops only as scoring?

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Troops only as scoring?

Postby TheWraithlord » Sat Jan 05, 2008 5:59 pm

So am I the only one concerned with this rumour? Yes, I know that not all is known about it or other rules that may go with it but the very idea of Troops, not infantry, actual Troops being the only scoring available seems monumentally bad to me as not all armies have the same ability to field troops. Thousand Sons will never field as many troops as Orks can with ease for example, same with Tyranids and Guard vs pretty much any other army.

Thousand Sons: kicking ass more than ever.
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Postby DoctorTom » Sun Jan 06, 2008 12:34 am

I have some concern over the rumor also, some of it for the reason you cite. If it were non-vehicles being scoring units then it might be a different story, but having Troop choices only be scoring units seems a bit limiting.
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Postby killmaimburn » Sun Jan 06, 2008 6:47 am

(for those not in the know this is because of this http://warseer.com/forums/showpost.php? ... ostcount=1 )
I find it painful, but then again as my mech eldar roxxers11 mate (Mr6)pointed out it won't effect him, he only takes 100 ish points of troops- he kills everyone else on any table and wins that way, he doesn't bother with trying to do anything more complex (no noone has found a weakness in his armour yet, for those about to say extreme lists fall to somethings easily, he’s pretty much undefeated and loving it (going on 2 years)).
I was wondering why I was so happy that the Demon prince had become scoring and why the landraider still didn't specify whether it was scoring or not in the codex as a dedicated transport.(never be happy with an omission?)

"8. Vehicles without a WS in CC always get hit in the rear armour." That one made lljundhammers eyes bulge much more than the troops thing. Here they are pushing rhinos again and they effectively make them armour 10 all round in CC, so any str4 assualt squad can make a mess of them. (HOW MANY vehicles have rear army 11 to prevent them from basic assualt?.... it also completely urinates over all those who thought chaos getting krak grenades was uber uber... why bother with 1x6+d6 (after rolling to hit), when I can have 3x 4+D6s (which will hit a moved vehicle much more often)
That will mess up my sons more (not that they have ever won against witchgaurd or mech eldar, I had a GW fella the other day tell me to just never play against them :lol: )

I hope they playtest them properly,how long before 4th ed did the trial rules come out for testing? Shouldn't we be in some period of consultation or something. Shouldn't spack et al be being asked to have a read (rather than just the printers who give copies to all their mates etc).
Looks like another year I spend as the doombringer who becomes the whiner who becomes the reminisce-r.
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Postby KInG » Sun Jan 06, 2008 4:35 pm

Does 4th ed need nuking? I would hope 5th Ed would just basically give GW a chance to correct/explain all the greyness of 4th ed.

Scoring unit changes / hit armour on the rear in CC .. we don't need new rules, let's just have the current ones down to a T.
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Postby LordMalekTheRedKnight » Sun Jan 06, 2008 5:33 pm

KInG wrote:Does 4th ed need nuking? I would hope 5th Ed would just basically give GW a chance to correct/explain all the greyness of 4th ed.

my sentiments exactly. 4th ed is the best one yet IMO (i started in 2nd, so cant compare it to RT).

KInG wrote:Scoring unit changes / hit armour on the rear in CC .. we don't need new rules, let's just have the current ones down to a T.

whats the bet that not only are they not going to fix all the current problems, but they are going to create new problems when they add/change rules? :roll:

Re - the OP:
i find that rumour to be a bit too ambiguous. does it mean that the only scoring units you can have are the non Vehicle non Swarm units you took as Troop choices, or does it mean that out of your Troop choices only the non Swarm and non Vehicle units can Score (with Elites, HQ, Fast Attack and Heavy Support choices following the existing rules to determine whether they score or not)?

i must admit that im not very pro-5th ed - not necessarily the rumoured changes, but the fact that its apparantly coming so soon, and that so much is being discussed. i also dont like the idea that since 5th ed is "just around the corner" GW arent going to bother fixing anything in the meantime (not that ive heard that they have said that, its just a vibe im getting).

heres a little bet for GW: if i cant find a single stuff-up by the end of the first week after 5th ed comes out (i.e. the new ed fixes all the problens ive been waiting years for them to fix), i will buy whatever "special edition" (leatherbound etc) rulebook they release as well.

~ Tim
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