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W40k Campaigns with a GM?

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W40k Campaigns with a GM?

Postby conscriptboris » Sun Jul 29, 2012 11:55 am

Hi gents,

Im looking at running a Campaign at my local club, however I will take the lead of GM (essentailly). In effect Ill run the campaign and possibly predetermined (not scripted, Random) events throughout the time period of the campaign.

Rough outline,

A planet re-appears out of the warp (with moons) on the fringes of the imperium, once a high standing FW, all races ( ill psecify why each is interested) race to reclaim artefacts/destroy. Due to its recent emergeance the planet is still wracked with warp storms (GM plays Chaos:Daemons), and Daemons appear at random (maybe with some guidance so ppl dont get unfairly hit often).

Random Events so far:

-Daemons Appear
-Artifacts found, good/bad
-One of the (possibly 3) moons destroy by the inquisition
-Transport to moons from planet interrupted.

Using Planatery empires:

Plain tiles: 1 point
Objectives/Artifacts: 2 point
Hives/Complexes: 5 points

I have much more to go, however I want the storyline to update throughout the period of the campaign.

My question, any links to campaigns that have been done in the same vain?

Cheers Guys!

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