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which to make

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which to make

Postby harbo1993mark2 » Mon Sep 30, 2013 7:59 am

hello every one i am getting a forgefiend/maurlerfiend and im wondering which to go for the main army i vs is tyranids (brothers army) any suggestions would be great
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Re: which to make

Postby killmaimburn » Mon Sep 30, 2013 9:55 am

They are such completely different kettles of fish I would massively suggest you either;
>Proxy, pretend you have one and play it and see how you feel about it a lot before putting it together
> MAGNETS- make it hot swappable between the two.

tactically its apples and oranges.

The maulerfiend is kind of like a dreadnought missile, he zooms straight at something..He will kill a big points heavy tank like a Landraider- he might struggle against something with lots of wounds.. Then you send in a support squad to mop up (/ hope the thundernaters piling of landraider are dizzy and forget to butcher the thing).. Maulerfiend with melta= 1 shot queen sacrfice kind of thingy.
Swapping the melta for the lasher tendrils reduces peoples attacks by many many, as they stack.. so anyone attacking you in close combat (in b2b) has -2 to their attacks (to a minimum of 1).. making him much more survivable if he just pelts into a mass of troops.The problem is if he's not in close combat he's very close therefore he will get cut to piece by melta (et al) weaponry very quickly.
As a demon zooming with his special zooming scuttle he's quite handy for your troops to follow behind for mobile cover (which he doesn't need due to 5++ and IWND)

The forgefiend is a more passive sit back and shoot guy who stays out of combat sitting near the back of your army (36"s) chucking out 8xstr8 shots. Thats good for getting rid of light armour and monstrous creatures with not great saves. He costs about a third more on top.
Plasma variant was originally seen by peeps as awesome, I can't remember why..It has shorter range committing you to the middle of the board and is only 3 shots if you pay more for the (ok so blast and ap2..but its nearly landraider points).

From the gut I'll suggest autocannon version of forgefiend, just because tactically its easier..but I'd strongly suggest against committing yourself before you have a bash with each :)

(I'm just a cheap wad who fills his heavy slots with 5 havoc 4 autocannon :) )
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Re: which to make

Postby Stryder » Mon Sep 30, 2013 12:22 pm

From personal experience the maulerfiend is an opponents nightmare because of his speed and ignore cover rules because you can plant him in cover when you move and then zip him out next turn or if your opopnent sets up wrong you can charge frst turn and mess his plans....forgefiends are gun platforms with a capital G but i just cant justify the points cost compared to 125 points (or 135 with lashers) for the mauler especially with it will not die and daemon rules
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Re: which to make

Postby Ogregut » Mon Sep 30, 2013 7:42 pm

I used a mauler fiend in a tornament not long ago and he was excellent. Got in combat first turn in 4 out of 5 games. Had mine with the lasher tenrails which makes him very good vs smash attacks as they normally go down to 1.
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