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Dark Angels Unofficial Studio FAQs

For posting responses from GW or FW about rules queries

Dark Angels Unofficial Studio FAQs

Postby Spack » Thu Jun 28, 2007 8:22 pm

These were posted on Bolter and Chainsword from the mouth of Jervis Johnson himself.

Originally from http://www.bolterandchainsword.com/inde ... try1189989

Hi everyone B)

Jervis Johnson ask me to post this on here to help you all out with a few rules queries that have come up. He also said:

"While you're at it, could you pass on my kudos to Gillyfish for an insightful review of the Codex : ) "

So, without further ado...

These are my answers to some of the questions I've received about the Dark Angel Codex. Although not an official FAQ it should help until the real thing appears on the GW website.

Q: Can a Dark Angel choose to use their Bolt Pistol instead of another weapon they are carrying? For example, could a Dark Angel with a Bolter or a Heavy Bolter choose to fire their Bolt Pistol instead? If they fire the Bolt Pistol once may they assault?

A: Yes to all questions.

Q: If I split a Tactical Squad into two Combat Squads, can both use any dedicated transport vehicle that was purchased for the unit? Or do I have to assign the vehicle to one of the Combat Squads?

A: Either Combat Squad is allowed to use the transport, but they cannot both use it at the same time because they are no longer a single unit. (Only one unit is allowed to use a transport vehicle at a time; see the rules for Transport Vehicles in the Warhammer 40,000 rulebook).

Q: Tactical Squads can take a Razorback as a transport. But since you can have 5 or 10 man squads, can you take a Razorback regardless of the Squad size? For example, can you take a Razorback with a 10 man squad and then put a combat squad in it or just use it as a rolling weapon platform for the squad?

A: Yes to all questions.

Q: Can troops that take a Drop Pod as a dedicated transport vehicle set up in it in reserve?

A: Yes they can (along with any Independent Characters that have joined the unit and can fit in the vehicle). They must enter play in the Drop Pod, disembarking as described in the Drop Pod unit entry, and counting as a Deep Striking unit on the turn they arrive (so they can shoot but not assault).
Note that one reserve roll is made each turn to see if the Drop Pod arrives, and if it does so then all embarked units must enter play with it.

Q: Some of the upgrades in the army list are not represented by models in the Citadel range. For example, there is no model for Belial, or an Apothecary in Terminator armour. How do I represent these models?

A: The Dark Angel army list includes several units that are not represented by existing models in the Citadel Range (at least at the time of writing!) Therefore you will need to find a suitable stand-in, and in some cases you will have to convert a model to show that it is carrying the piece of equipment, as all models in an army must be Œwhat you see is what you get¹.
For example, Belial can easily be represented by a Terminator Captain model, but you will have to convert a Terminator into an Apothecary.

Q: In the Dark Angels Codex quite a few characters have Iron Halos. In Codex Space Marines these are limited to one per army. Does this limit apply to the Dark Angels too?

A: No it doesn¹t. It is also possible to take more than one Company Banner should you wish to.

Q: Some squads allow Œany number of models¹ to carry meltabombs. How can I tell which models have the meltabombs and which not?

A: Meltabombs are provided in the plastic sets that we make (see the armoury section of Codex Dark Angels for a picture of what they look like). Any miniature you have modeled with a meltabomb must take the upgrade if they are allowed to do so; conversely any miniature not carrying a meltabomb may not be given the upgrade.

Best regards,

Jervis Johnson


Hi guys, here's some more answers from Jervis on your codex queries. Enjoy!

Hi Owen,

I notice that the guys have put together a set of questions about the DA Codex. I've answered them below, and if you'd like to pas them onto the guys that's okay with me. Please let them know that these answers are 'unofficial', in that they are my own _personal_ replies to the questions asked.


1. [Page 54 and 83]
Storm shields and Company Veterans: As per the Codex, models may purchase a ³storm shield for +[x] points per model? * so can this be taken in addition to two single-handed weapons (or any upgraded weapon) or instead of one of their two single-handed weapons?

A: It can be taken in addition.


2. [Page 28]
Deathwing Assault: As per the Codex, ³Independent characters wearing Terminator armour may also be deployed via Deathwing Assault. They must join and enter play with Deathwing Terminator squads in order to do so? - so can an allied Grey Knight Grand Master for instance attach himself to a Deathwing Terminator Squad and be able to use Deathwing Assault too?

A: Strictly by the letter of the rules you could do this. However, don't blame me if you get dragged outside and given a sound thrashing if you actually try it in a game...


3. [Page 81]
Command Squads: As per the Codex, "Up to two Veterans their Bolter or Chainsword with a flamer for [x] points per model? " - what is the exact meaning of the entry starting with this phrase?

A: The words 'may replace' are missing.


4. [Page 81]
Command Squads: As per the Codex, ³For every Company Master in the army, one Command Squad may upgrade one model to a Company Champion,? - so the Supreme Grand Master Azrael may not take a Company Champion as by RAW only a Company Master can have one. Can he take a 'Chapter Champion' (or equivalent) instead or was this an oversight?

A: Azrael is not a Company Master and therefore his command squad does not have a Company Champion.


5. [Page 83]
Scout Squads: As per the Codex, ³Any Scout may replace his with a sniper for
+[x] points per model? - so can a Scout Sergeant take a Sniper Rifle?
how other entries are worded elsewhere in within the Scout Squads entry, Tactical Squads, Assault Squads and Ravenwing Attack Squadrons, there is no specific mention of the Veteran Sergeant in relation to the sniper. Do we assume he can upgrade, or by the RAW concept, assume he can't since he hasn't been mentioned specifically?

A: Scout sergeants may take a Sniper Rifle.


6. [Page 83]
Company Veteran Squads: As per the Codex, can Veteran Sergeants be given any weapon and wargear upgrades. Given how other entries are worded in Tactical Squads, Assault Squads, Ravenwing Attack Squadrons and Scout Squads, there is no specific mention of the Veteran Sergeant. Do we assume he can upgrade, or by the RAW concept, assume he can't since he hasn't been mentioned specifically?

A: Veteran Sergeants may take upgrades.


7. [Pages 83, 84, 86]
Expandable squads: As per the Codex, Scout Squads, Tactical Squads, Assault Squads and Devastator Squads ³may include five additional [models] for +[x] points? * so does this mean that more than one additional five may be added to these squads at any one time as there is no maximum squad size specified within the Army List?

A: No (and for those of you that remember the good old days on the 40K Mailing List, this is a SQ!)


8. Transport clarifications regarding combat squads:
For Dark Angels individual units allow you to buy a dedicated transport regardless of whether the whole squad is able to ride in it or not. In every other Codex the squad size dictates whether a transport can be taken. An explanation would be nice simply because this seems to be a complete volte-face on how transports work as detailed in the Warhammer 40K Rulebook page 62 ³The entire unit must be embarked on a transport if any part of it is??.

A: This is answered on the on the Q&A I sent earlier <you may want to add a
link(http://www.bolterandchainsword.com/i...ic=103740&hl=). As a general note, earlier Marine Codexes don't have the Combat Squad
rules, which means that there is no way that a 7-10 man squad could fit into a Razorback. This isn't the case with the DA because a ten man squad can break down into two five man squads, which is why there are no restrictions on the transports you can take.


9. Independent Characters clarifications regarding entry from Reserve:
For Dark Angels as there are no more "retinues", it would be nice if it was stated specifically that independent characters in reserve could join units in reserve, and that you make only a single reserves roll for the combined IC + Unit to enter play.

A: Unfortunately this contradicts FAQs we have published in the past, so you'll just have to roll for the units separately.


10. Weapon upgrade clarifications regarding specialist upgrades 1. When I upgrade Deathwing models to Standard bearers and Apothecaries can they still use items like lightning claws, thunder hammers and storm shields, assault cannons and flamers?

2. When I upgrade Ravenwing models to Standard bearers and Apothecaries can they still use items like meltaguns, flamers and plasma guns?

A: Yes to both questions - just make sure the models are WYSIWYG!


11. Weapon clarifications regarding multiple weapons Is there a limit on the amount of wargear a model can carry? For insance, can a Company Master really take lightning claws, a combi-weapon, a bolt pistol and grenades?

A: There is no limit (but remember WYSIWYG).

If yes, does this mean a Master can soot his bolt pistol and then charge in and use his pair of lightning claws?

A: Yes


12. Bike clarifications regarding armoury upgrades Chaplains and Librarians may take Space marine bikes as an upgrade.
According to the Dark Angels organistion chart on page 15, librarians don't belong to the Ravenwing, but it would appear that all bikes in the Chapter do. So do bikes bestow the Ravenwing rules upon characters taking them? It seems logical to be able to field a Ravenwing Chaplain with the special rules, but what of the Librarian?

A: Very creative use of the background, I must say. Sadly Chaplains and Librarians on Bikes _don't_ benefit for the Ravenwing special rules. Come on, you didn't thing I'd really say anything else did you ; )


13. Shooting clarification regarding bolt pistol, assaulting and carrying a rapid-fire weapon Dark Angels Space Marines may carry both a bolter (a rapid fire weapon) and a bolt pistol (a pistol weapon) at the same time. We assume that this is to provide the option to fire the pistols once instead of the bolters before charging into assault.

However, as per the Warhammer 40K Rulebook page 29, "Models carrying rapid fire weapons that wish to charge into close combat in the Assault phase may not fire in the Shooting phase...". So does this prevent a model that is carrying a rapid fire weapon from firing ANY type of weapon if they plan to charge?

Should this underlined section of the rule instead read "may not fire rapid fire weapons in the Shooting phase"? Or, can we have clarification that the Dark Angels Codex does indeed allow a model to shoot a pistol and assault while carrying a rapid fire weapon too.

[note: this is already covered in the STUDIO FAQ]

A: I agree, the question is already answered in the Studio FAQ. (But as an aside, please note that both that FAQ and the answers to this one represent my own personal answers to the questions raised; they are both 'Jervis Johnson FAQs', as it were.)


14. Clarification on the effect of the Sacred Standard [page 37] and the Book of Salvation [page 41] As per Codex, both these items render "units" within 12" of them Fearless.
So do these items effect enemy units within 12" too?

A: No (SQ).

Hope that helps.

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Re: Dark Angels Unofficial Studio FAQs

Postby LordMalekTheRedKnight » Wed Dec 12, 2007 1:50 pm

I hope no-one minds, but i Stickied this - it seems worthy :)

maybe the Sticky-status can be reviewed when the Official DA FAQ (eventually) comes out?


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Postby Spack » Wed Dec 12, 2007 3:23 pm

Oops, I should have done that ages ago.
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