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FAQ- Imperial Guard Heavy Weapon Teams

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FAQ- Imperial Guard Heavy Weapon Teams

Postby Spack » Tue May 30, 2006 5:20 pm

Printed in UK White Dwarf 306 on page 127:

Q 1. Do both heavy weapons crew have a lasgun?
Q 2. Can both heavy weapon crewmen fire their lasguns (if they have them) instead of firing their heavy weapon?
Q 3. Are both crewmen required to fire heavy weapons?
Q 4. Although it is not specified in the codex, assuming one crewman is the 'gunner' (ie, who fire the weapon) and the other the 'loader' (who just carries the ammo), if the gunner is killed by an attack that can specify the target (eg, Vindicare Assasin, Mind War etc) or by a template weapon, can the loader continue to fire the heavy weapon in the gunner's abscence?

A. Guardsmen all have lasguns initally, however one member of a weapons team must give up his lasgun to take a heavy weapon(only one two-handed weapon allowed). One member of the team can fire his lasgun while the other fires the heavy weapon. Both have to be killed to disable the heavy weapon.
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