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Q&As - FW - Eldar flyers and holo-field save

PostPosted: Mon Sep 01, 2008 12:14 pm
by Spack
Here's the question sent:

Apoc book: “Flyers are treated as skimmers moving fast”, therefore now they get auto cover saves
5th Ed Rb: “Skimmers moving fast get an auto cover save 4+”

Therefore does the Eldar Vampire get 2 saves? One after hits scored (Elder Holofield) and the other after penetration scored (cover save)


Does it only get one save as per page 24, 2nd column of the new Rulebook

and here's the reply from FW:


Hmmm, tricky one this, as both sets of rules come from the main studio and seem to contradict each other.

Ultimately, you should only get 1 save, so 1 4+ invulnerable, whether holofield or as a speeding skimmer is all you should roll. Makes the holofields on aircraft kind of redundant I know, but I don’t think the 5th ed rules were written with the Eldar flyers in mind. They still get the benefit of glancing hits only as per Apoc.


Warwick Kinrade
Imperial Armour Editor