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Q&As - FW - Hellstrike missiles in IA Vol 3

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Q&As - FW - Hellstrike missiles in IA Vol 3

Postby Spack » Fri Jun 02, 2006 3:54 pm

Question sent to FW:

The wording for the Hellstrike missiles in Appendix III of Imperial Armour Volume 3 is confusing. Are they S + 2D6 penetration like, say, melta weapons and AT rounds, or are do you take the highest of 2D6 like other Ordnance weapons? The current wording appears to say they are S + 2D6 for penetration, but then the "choose the highest roll on the Ordnance Damage table" makes no sense as you only get 1 roll normally (it's an Ordnance 1 weapon), and there is no Ordnance Damage Table. I can only come up with the following possible rules, is it one of these?

(1) S + highest of 2D6 for penetration, exactly as normal for Ordnance weapons as per the 4th edition 40k rulebook, (using the Ordnance Penetration Table only for penetrating hits)

(2) S + 2D6 for armour penetration, resolve all hits in salvo (if firing multiple missiles), only use the result that has the highest result

(3) S + highest of 2D6 for penetration, as per 40k rules, but always uses the Ordance Penetration Table even if glancing

I'm guessing it's (1), and this was something else that was fixed in the proof-read edition that didn't make it to the printers.

And the reply:

Hellstrikes are normal ordnance weapons, so roll 2D6 and pick the highest, then roll for damage on the ordnance damage tables. It just doesn't have a blast template, like a giant krak missile!

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