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Q&As - FW - Medusa differences

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Q&As - FW - Medusa differences

Postby Spack » Mon Jan 28, 2008 3:01 pm

I recently asked FW if the differences in the mobile and immobile Medusa options were intentional (and asked about the IAv5 FAQ), and received this reply today:

Spack wrote:There are to some inconsistencies in the Medusa units in IA Vol 1, IA Vol 3, and IA Vol 5, and I wanted to clear these up with the questions below:

Are the Medusas in IA Vol 1 and IA Vol 3 supposed to have an indirect fire option?

Should the Medusa in IA Vol 5 have the Siege shells rule?

Also, any idea on a date for an IA Vol 5 FAQ?

and here's the reply:

ForgeWorld wrote:The vehicle mounted medusa does not have the indirect fire rule.

No, they don't have the siege shells.

The IA5 FAQ will be up soon, it is complete and should have been put up


Warwick Kinrade
Imperial Armour Editor
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