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Q&As - FW - Shadowsword move + fire

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Q&As - FW - Shadowsword move + fire

Postby Spack » Wed Jul 13, 2005 4:03 pm

Question sent:

There's been a bit of discussion about the Shadowsword in the GW 40K forum, so I thought I'd ask for a ruling and FAQ update if necessary.

In both Imperial Armour I and Imperial Armour Volume 1 the Shadowsword background mentions that it has to have the engines disengaged, and therefore must be stationary, to fire the Volcano cannon. However, the rules for the Shadowsword do not mention this, and the universal Super Heavy rules state that all super heavy vehicles can move and still fire ordnance.

Are the rules correct and the Shadowsword can indeed move and fire the
Volcano cannon? Or was that line added to the Super Heavy rules after the vehicle entries had been done and someone forgot to update the Shadowsword to state that it can't move and fire the Volcano cannon? If the latter, any chance of getting the FAQ updated to reflect this?


Actually it says the Shadowsword can move and fire, it needs to halt to charge its wepaon, not fire it.

The rules are correct, we felt that forcing the shadowsord to remain stationary was too harsh on a vehicle that can only move 6" a turn anyway

hope that helps


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