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Q&As - GW - Are DH/WH inducted units classed as allies?

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Q&As - GW - Are DH/WH inducted units classed as allies?

Postby Spack » Wed Jul 13, 2005 4:23 pm


Are inducted Imperial Guard and allied Space Marines classed as "allies" for the purposes of the Daemonhunter FAQ 2nd printing update saying that DH may not ally with any detachment that uses any other ally. Does this prevent a WH list using inducted IG from taking DH units as allies? What is the definition of allies?


Thanks for your email. It does state in this FAQ that Daemonhunters may not ally with a force that is using any other kind of ally.

However, this is not the case as it has been clarified in the Witch Hunters codex. basically, Daemonhunters and Witch Hunters may not be used as allies in any force that already uses allies, unless those allies are from other branches of the Inquisition. So you could have a Space Marine force with Daemonhunter and Witch Hunter allies. This is detailed on page 25 of the Witch Hunters codex.

Allies are essentially forces whom are willing to fight along side you, the forces of the Imperium such as the Imperial Guard, Space Marines and all branches of the Inquisition are all willing to fight side by side. Inquisitors also need to be able to call upon the resources of the Imperium in order to carry out their purging of the infidel!

Followup question:

If the WH codex overrides the DH FAQ for allies, why doesn't the DH FAQ state this? After all, the DH FAQ came out *after* the WH codex.


The Daemonhunters FAQ on our website has unfortunately not been updated since before the Witch Hunters codex was released. It is in the process of being updated at the moment, and this should be stated in the updated version.
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