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Q&As - GW - Armoured Company classed as IG Army for IAV1

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Q&As - GW - Armoured Company classed as IG Army for IAV1

Postby Spack » Wed Jul 13, 2005 5:44 pm


Is the Imperial Guard Armoured Company included under the definition Imperial Guard army used in the FW Imperial Armour Volume 1 book?

For instance, could I take an Executioner as a Heavy Support choice in an Armoured Company list (assuming that all FW tanks will be Heavy Support as that is the slot as specified in their rules).

Does this extend to other options such as Vultures and Valkyries (the latter being used to transport Storm Trooper units rather than using a Chimera)?


The Armoured Company list on pages 70 to 85 of White Dwarf 296 can only be used as written. I can find no mention that it is considered an Imperial Guard army for the use of Forge World tanks from the Imperial Armour Volume 1 hardback book. This does mean that you are restricted to the tanks mentioned in the army list and using doctrine points does not entitle you to use tanks from the Forge World Imperial Armour book (with the exception of the tanks already included in the list).

However there is no reason why you could not take one of the tanks from Imperial Armour book and include it in your Armoured Company as an appropriate Force organisation chart choice for the cost of 1 doctrine point to represent their rare status. For example the Executioner could be a 0-1 Elites choice (to represent their rare status) for a Tank Ace.

Forge World tanks are not necessarily ask your opponents permission - it is just that they do not go through the same development process as our Codex's and army books. It does boil down to discussing with your opponent before the game begins for their opinion on the rules but none of the tanks would over-balance the game (maybe with the exception of Super Heavy tanks!). Since these rules are not put through the design process, it does mean that tournament organisers will often be against their use in tournament games. More about how legal the rules are can be read on page 7 of the Imperial Armour Volume 1 hardback book by Forge World.

Rather than using the White Dwarf Armoured Company list, why not use the Armoured Battlegroup list on pages 256 to 270 of the Imperial Armour Volume 1 book? This list has already got the forge World tanks in mind and an army list to go with them! The only thing you would be missing out on would be the doctrines but you do end up with a greater choice of vehicles.
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