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Q&As - GW - Can Deathwatch be taken with DH *and* WH

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Q&As - GW - Can Deathwatch be taken with DH *and* WH

Postby Spack » Wed Jul 13, 2005 5:37 pm


This question has come up many times, and I'm looking for an FAQ or Codex rule (just point me to the right page, I not asking for a copy of the rules by email).

Given a Witch Hunter parent list that takes at least 1 HQ and 2 troops from the WH codex, is it possible to take both a Grey Knights Terminator squad as an ally from the DH codex, AND a Deathwatch Killteam using the WD306 rules as an HQ unit?

The DH FAQ (and 2nd printing of the Codex) explicitly states that DH units may not be taken if there are any other allies taken with the parent list. In the case above, is the Deathwatch counted as an ally? If so, which is my interpretation, that prevents the Grey Knight squad from being taken. If not, what is the definition of an ally for the wording of the DH FAQ? It mentions Kroot Mercenaries, and reading the CA list it is called an "auxiliary" list, not an "ally" list, so there appears to be no clear definition.

I can see that a parent DH list taking WH and DeathWatch as allies would be allowed as (1) DH is the parent list so the FAQ/2nd printing rule does not apply, and (2) the WH codex explicitly allows other allies only when they are from other Ordos, which the Deathwatch is.

Could you please help clear this argument up? Thank you.


As you have correctly noted you may not take Daemon Hunters if you have any kind of ally in you list. As Death Watch are not part of any given list they are then by default allies with their own rules on how to select them. The difference being that they are just a HQ choice as noted in WD 306.

It is worth noting that they state Codex Space Marines or Any Imperial guard or any Inquisitorial force. This to me indicates not combined because of the use of "or". In short I believe that an ally is a unit assigned/attached to the army that is not in the codex you are using as the main list. To give you a few examples.

Daemon Hunters with Witch Hunter allies

Imperial guard with Witch Hunter allies

Space Marines and a Kill Team. Though if you upgrade models to have kill team abilities in a normal marine army that's ok as you are not adding units from out side your army book (just upgrading what you have)

So a small loop hole would be to do this to a marine army and then add daemon hunters to it. However this can only be done with Marines so the benefit is minimal. But would allow all 3 Types in one army.

I have passed you views on to or design team. I cant promise a return email to you how ever your points will be considered for future FAQ.
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