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Q&As - GW - IG AC Special Equipment on every tank?

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Q&As - GW - IG AC Special Equipment on every tank?

Postby Spack » Thu Jul 21, 2005 10:54 pm


In White Dwarf 296 there is an army list shown across a 2 page spread just after the AC list that has Forge Crafted Armour applied to only 2 of them. According to the doctrines rules they "work the same as the Imperial Guard ones", so that implies that Special Equipment must be applied to all units that can take it unless otherwise stated. Forge Crafted Armour does not say that it can be applied to only selected tanks, so therefore it should apply to all, is that correct? Either the example army is wrong, or the AC doctrines page is missing a note that Special Equipment does not have to be applied to every tank. Can you shed any light on which is correct?


You have raised an interesting point there. As it does indeed say on page 79 of White Dwarf 296 under the rules for the Armoured Company:

"...Other than this, the rules for selecting doctrines for Armoured Companies are the same as those detailed in Codex: Imperial Guard..."

Now as far as rules for Special Equipment on page 57 of the Imperial Guard Codex are concerned, it says:

"...If this Doctrine is taken then each special piece of equipment must be applied to every available model so if you choose Cameleoline then every model that can have it, must have it..."

As there are no exceptions listed under the rules for Forge-crafted (page 79, White Dwarf 296) apart from the fact that it is 20 points per tank (so therefore does not include Sentinels or any other vehicle that doesn't have the 'Tank' characteristic in their profile) then this upgrade does have to be applied to every model in the army - in this case it looks like George got it wrong. He is now being punished painting my Skaven army until he rewrites his army list...
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