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Q&As - GW - Transport for Inquisitor with no retinue?

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Q&As - GW - Transport for Inquisitor with no retinue?

Postby Spack » Wed Jul 13, 2005 5:39 pm


Can a Daemonhunter or Witch Hunter Inquisitor (elite choice) with no retinue take a transport? The retinue entry seems to imply that as an Inquisitor can take 0-3 that 0 will still allow him to take the transport as he has a retinue of 0. This doesn't sound right to me, but this cropped up in a game at the weekend as the WH player I was against pointed out that if the transport didn't apply then why does it say 0-3, therefore implying that a retinue of 0 still allows the transport to be taken.


I've had a look at both the Witch Hunters and the Daemonhunters codex to check this out, and it would appear that you are correct. This actually stems from one line in both codex's. At the start of the paragraph on taking a transport, it stated in both "If the Inquisitor has a retinue....". This would tell you that if you do not have a retinue for the Inquisitor, then the transport option would not apply. So you would need to have at least one henchman to act as a retinue for your Inquisitor if you want to purchase a transport for him. This is stated on page 22 of the Daemonhunters codex and page 26 of the Witch Hunters codex.
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