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Black legion came out whilst we blinked..

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Black legion came out whilst we blinked..

Postby killmaimburn » Sun Aug 18, 2013 12:13 pm

TL:DR.. basically nothing to see here move along..

Longer version.. condesced from a good comment on Faeit..
Black Legion: Chaos Space Marine Codex Supplement... $39.99 off of iBooks.

1 - 5 Ranking (1 = Low, 5 = High): 3... Or so...

Overall, the iBook supplement has a lot of great fluff and story content that follows Abaddon's rise into the Warmaster of Chaos and his transformation from Ezekyle Abaddon to Abaddon the Despoiler. It details, in chronological order, all of the 13 Black Crusades (to include the start of the current 13th one), however, each topic is covered in just a few pages. All in all, if you've read the Wiki's and other Black Library books, etc, a lot of the information presented is somewhat familiar, but some of it is very new & interesting.

It presents some very minor artistic, drawn images of what a CSM from each of the Black Legion's Warbands looks like: Hounds of Abaddon (Khorne), Children of Torment (Slaanesh), Sons of the Cyclops (Tzeentch), Bringers of Decay (Nurgle), The Tormented (Possessed?), and The Oath Broken (Legionnaires who failed Abaddon in battle and now have cybernetic augmentations; completely aesthetic no actual unit enhancement). None of these Warbands have any specific rules or anything more than a brief description of who they are and a picture of them in the typical Black Legion color scheme, but with a highlight of their Chaos God's typical color thrown somewhere on their armor (Red, Purple, Blue, Green-ish).

Next, the supplement has a lot of individual, interactive iBook photos of every miniature in a Black Legion color scheme. Overall, I like this due to my artsy desires and my attempts to replicate a similar looking mini.

Moving along, it adds in the additional rules. Most of these rules are not far fetched and could have been imagined in someone's House Rules. In a Black Legion Army -ALL- Chosen are Troops Choices, all units in a BL Army that can take VotLW -MUST- take VotLW, and if you take Abaddon as your Warlord you can upgrade a single unit of Chaos Terminators to 'Bringers of Despair' for an extra +6 points per model. This upgrade simply gives the Chaos Termies +1 WS & +1 BS. We also have some new (and frightfully powerful) Chaos Artifacts: i.e. 'The Hand of Darkness', S x 2, AP 1 with Melee, Armourbane, Fleshbane, Instant Death.

Finally, it introduces several new Cities of Death & Planet Strike strategems as well as some very interesting Altar of War mission types (3 of them). And then it closes out the book with several other missions that can be played that put the player through some of the historical moments of the BL.

All in all, it's great for some extra fluff, however, the new rules, etc, I found were to be a bit lacking. Nonetheless, I am a fervent Black Legionnaire myself, so I can't say I hate the book; it was a bit disappointing for what I hoped, but it will not stop me from using. It's okay, but probably not worth the $39.99 I paid for it. Maybe $20...

So whilst I might berate barahammer.. baralegion would be/is obviously superior to this..
(still quite like current chaos dex apart from cult troops though)
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Re: Black legion came out whilst we blinked..

Postby Baragash » Sun Aug 18, 2013 12:23 pm

Why thank you ;) :P

Actually I think in Black Legion terms it goes a little further than I would have, though on the other hand Abby allows Terminators as troops, and the way I'm working on VotLW makes it a swap in rather than a purchase (cos I'm also doing a 6th Ed CSM Codex for the standard rules).

last set of info I saw wrote:Rules/FoC Stuff:
All units must buy VotLW
Chosen are TROOPS
Terminators remain ELITES, IF you purchase Abbadon, you may upgrade 1 unit of Terminators to +1BS and WS.
Black Legion may Ally with codex: CSM (hello 4th Heldrake!)

Warlord Traits:
1. Black Crusader
2. Rerolls to Chaos Boon table for the Warlord.
3. A one-use Flamer.
4. Warlord has It Will Not Die.
5. Warlord's attacks sometimes cause Instant Death.
6. Friendly units near the Warlord gain Stubborn.

S: User AP3 Daemon weapon, Melee, +1I
-1 T (YIKES) Re-roll ones for Invul saves
Psyker only:
Warp charge 1-3; each charge after the first extends range by 6"
Nova Range 6" S:4 AP:5 Assault 2d6 Blind, Ignores Cover
If you fail your psychic test when using two+ warp charges - Psyker removed
One use item; Range: unlimited, S:5 AP:4 Heavy1 LargeBlast Ignores Cover
Models with AV (vehicles) automatically take d3 penetrating hits
Grants user Eternal Warrior and Adamantium Will
Hand of Darkness: S:Userx2 AP:1 Melee Fleshbane Armorbane, Instant Death

But yeah, not buying this in hardcopy until I can find a £15 or less offer on ebay.
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