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Eldar inbound

News and rumours

Re: Eldar inbound

Postby killmaimburn » Sun May 26, 2013 12:21 pm

Its too easy for me to (by accident as I am weak willed) proof by example, or provide elaborate equations for apples and oranges..
e.g. mechwarrior core rules, which you are meant to get after having bought the introductory set, because this has no easy steps..your meant to know what your doing before you buy it.
More than I paid for my complete set of 40k rules (minus all the fancy art and 3 month premium).

Gaming horrendous luxury at time of everyone being broke.. I still would try (a half legit half troll for conversation) claim that they sit only just to the right of the bell curve. (we just all (inc myself) consider them the big bad).The trend to 4 models per side skirmish games just makes everything more weird.. its like comparing my boxes of termies to my termies I use for space hulk (well not really but..skirmish=/= tabletop war)

On money, I was just up on Lord maleks wall where he is trying to save money, and I remembered, then googleed and found FABLON!!
if your relying on someone with a card or paper printer for your future tight arsed gaming ..shop smart shop s-mart with FABLON (that sticky back plastic stuff you used to have in school with a pink grid on the back)
http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Clear-Sticky- ... 0548593220
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Re: Eldar inbound

Postby Baragash » Sun May 26, 2013 1:19 pm

I don't play because of the rules*. That being said, to keep up with an edition + codex change costs substantially more than it costs to get the rules, a starter set and some additional blisters in most skirmish games.

*Aside from the main rules, the CSM and Daemon books are a piece of shit and I find a lot of the new models very lazy. Also resin/plastic sucks (Finecast in this case, but restic from other companies is also pony, just more consistently cast).

Yes, I could probably mitigate the price issue with a bit of hard work, but the other issues give me no enthusiasm to do so.
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