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Forgeworld news, or lack thereof

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Forgeworld news, or lack thereof

Postby Spack » Wed Nov 15, 2006 9:28 am

While enquiring about an outstanding order, I pushed the guy I was speaking to at FW for some information. Unfortunately there wasn't much, but this is what I was told.

DK assault weapons don't even have WIP or test models, so are a long way off. No idea on the contents of the vehicle pack, apparently a new newsletter is going to be sent out this week or early next week with more new DK stuff listed but they want to keep the exact contents quiet so it doesn't get splatted all over the web first.

IA5 is in early stages of being written, and has been put to the side while Aeronautic Imperialis is being finished off - AI is going to print soon, but looks unlikely to be release before Christmas, should be out sometime mid-January. IA5 doesn't even have a rough timeframe, so could be anytime between early next year and the end of life on Earth :S

FW orders are about a week behind in picking at the moment as they closed their warehouse for mid-year stock take last week. This means my DK heavy stubbers and Eldar Night Spinner are unlikely to be in my sweaty little hands till December :(
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