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Stronghold Assault - book review

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Stronghold Assault - book review

Postby KInG » Mon Dec 09, 2013 5:15 pm

This book I like. It clears up a lot of building questions I had about the rules for them. It is suggested that they be used as rules update for the main rulebook and I think it is a must personally, even if you don't want to allow the new fortifications that have been added by this book.

Like the last you can choose to allow these or not. But allowing them makes for some nice new additions. If you think your army is not able to compete effectively against fliers, then you can now. The firestorm redoubt has been added and also vengeance automated weapons can now take quad lassies as an option. But it doesn't stop there. You can take a whole load of forts as one formation. In fact you can pretty much deck your whole force out in either a defence line or fortification of some type.

This with the escalation book pretty much allows you to play any sized game you like. From combat patrol to massive apoc ballets with your 40k. You are now not limited to a normal w40k rule set when you want to play a larger game, but not quite large enough to make it a full on apoc game. Tbh I think this suits me coz apoc always tends to be a bit of a headache. This keeps it within the rules you are already using and takes it to the next level.

I don't foresee many tourneys adopting these, certainly not all of it, in the near future, but I do see it as a great leveller. Now you have an answer for anything your opponent can bring. Game on!!! :)
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