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Titans Doubles Tournament Oct. 2013

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Titans Doubles Tournament Oct. 2013

Postby OWCriminal » Thu May 30, 2013 12:58 pm

Hi Guys, I have been a regular visitor and originally posted under OWCriminal, more of a reader than a poster. However that has changed sightly, here in the UK I saw that a few of the regular venues for Tournaments were shutting up shop so a very good friend of mine (who runs the VonWar Tournies) suggested that I host a doubles at my venue. "Hell yeah" I said! I have had a good deal of experience myself in running the ASMoH events and Regarding Retribution here in the UK, so seems a great idea.

I've gathered together some of the best referees I know, one of which was a head referee at Lenton for many years and jumped right in.

The tables will offer a completely different experience for the regular Warhammer player, they are 6' x 6'....yep you can reach the middle from each side.

It'll be hosted on the 26th Oct. 2013 at the Wargames Holiday Centre here in the UK. The cost will be £30 for the two players in the one team. A full rules pack will be provided as well along with lunch on the day.

If you are interested then let me know, I am very keen to provide a good home for the Tournament Public.

Drop me an line to info@wargameshc.co.uk I'll be supporting the shop there with Banners and goods, so I hope to see a few of you there!


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Re: Titans Doubles Tournament Oct. 2013

Postby mattjgilbert » Thu May 30, 2013 1:25 pm

Just emailed you via your site's contact page.
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