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Simba! Ungawa!

For discussing new rules and changes to the current rules, such as new homebrew datasheets for Apocalypse

Simba! Ungawa!

Postby ruffian4 » Mon Nov 10, 2008 2:25 pm

The title says it all really.

I was surprised the other day to read a quote from Johnny Weismuller, it read...

johnny weismuller wrote: You know, I think 40k would be a better game with some kind of I go you go system.
I'm off for a swim now.

I haven't read a system that uses this style of play, so my ideas may be reet crappy like in comparison, but I was thinking...

Basic stuff.
How about dividing your army into quarters, maximum points difference = 10%, like a corps system if you like.

So, regardless of unit numbers/strength, the points values on opposing sides would be similar (though, clever groupings may give an advantage).
The corps units are not restricted in any way, they don't need to be deployed in x inches of each other, for e.g.

I get first turn, choose which corps I wish to activate and roll for initiative (who really goes first, within the turn).
Say a d6 roll off, with modifiers (see later).
I win = I get to move my activated grouping.
Then the other player moves his activated group.

I fire/he fires etc.

Next, I choose my next corps to activate, my opponent does also.
I lose the roll off, so he moves first, then I move etc etc.

And so on.

Then begin again for the assault phase...till the end of the turn.

Next turn, because it is his go, he gets to choose first.

Initiative and groupings.
It could be an interesting idea to aid/handicap some kinds of formations (this is arbitrary, I suppose, but interesting), so how about...

Initiative is rolled on a d6, for each formation, as they are activated.
The nature of units within that formation effect how quickly it responds.

Player turn = +1.

(Within each activated formation).
Each hq foc choice = +1. (poss max of 1 per corps???)
Each elite foc choice = +1.
Each troops foc choice = 0.
Each fast attack foc choice = +1.
Each heavy support choice = -2.

What do you think???
It would aid/penalise good/bad interspersions of units within formations and how you group them together.
Ponderous combo's would, in all likelyhood be slow, but can be compensated for.

Are there any obvious dangers/pitfalls I have stumbled into?
This really has been considered for as long as I have been typing, so errors are likely.

Anyway, any suggestions/roars of disapproval/hysterical laughter (like ic's joining units from a different corps)???
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Postby mattjgilbert » Mon Nov 10, 2008 2:36 pm

IGYG systems typically use action-based mechanics from memory. Starship Troopers did this - you can also download the Warmaster and latest Epic rules which do this to IIRC.

Warmaster makes having Leaders really important as they dictate how many/what actions you can perform and your initiative I think. It's probably worth reading the free to download rules and seeing what you can borrow. It would make an interesting change and might see some armies playing very differently.
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Postby Spack » Mon Nov 10, 2008 4:51 pm

Aeronautica Imperialis is also a "you go I go" system, I haven't read the Epic rules so I'm not sure how similar they are but in AI you each move one aircraft alternately in the movement phase, and then each shoot with one alternately in the shooting phase. It works pretty well as it makes it tactically challenging to get your aircraft into the right position to shoot the enemy.
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Postby mattjgilbert » Tue Nov 11, 2008 8:27 am

Ooooh yes, I forgot about AI. BattleTech (classic) is also IGYG. Players alternate starting with the person who won the initiative. If you outnumber your opponent say, 2:1, you move 2 Mechs for every one of theirs.
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