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SoB Super-Heavy

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SoB Super-Heavy

Postby HOBO » Thu Aug 07, 2008 12:56 am

Hi Guys
I'm after some advice on the points costing of my SoB Super-Heavy, as there is a widely varying disparity of costs for similar models out there in Apoc-land.

I have put my Tank through the VDR and the cost is similar to what I currently have mine at, which is 750 pts. I also just basically used Yarrick's 'Fortress of Arrogance' as a base, +/- the applicable stuff.
I've being using it in my Apoc games and had no dramas/arguments from any opponents, but from seeing the costs of other people's I'm either cheating myself of points or the other ones are way too cheap.
My fit-out is (BS 4)
Hellhammer Cannon w/ co-ax HB
Demolisher Cannon
Exorcist M/L
Sponson t/l HB's
Cupola t/l Heavy Flamers ( use Hellhound Inferno Cannon rules)

so nothing is over 36" range, and all Weapons (other than noted HF's) have the standard stats. The special rules are similar to Yarrick's Tank's as well.

I think that some of the discrepencies come from the fact that others have used the 'Plaguebearer' as a base, so 450 pts.

To do with the VDR should I be using SM's or Human as the Race to represent SoB's?

I have used the M/L to represent the Exorcist M/L, and the Inferno Cannon for the HF's. What one would be the most appropriate to represent the Hellhammer Cannon?

Thanks for any help as it will help me keep my Tank balanced, and help me give reliable and accurate advice to the others who have asked my advice when building their own.

Thanks Guys!
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Re: SoB Super-Heavy

Postby LordMalekTheRedKnight » Thu Aug 07, 2008 7:41 am

HOBO wrote:To do with the VDR should I be using SM's or Human as the Race to represent SoB's?

for non-walker Vehicles, the only stat affected by crew type is BS. SoB have BS4, so either use IG w/Targeters or SM (whichever give you all the right weapon options etc).

its been a while since ive used the VDR, so im not sure that helps...

cheers :)

~ Tim
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