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Flying stands rules for Throne of Skulls

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Flying stands rules for Throne of Skulls

Postby Spack » Sun Jun 05, 2011 9:40 am

The Throne of Skulls article on the GW site here includes a clarification on how they will be handling skimmers on flying stands (Valkyrie, Vendetta, Storm Raven, etc).

The majority of movement related distances should be resolved using the oval base supplied with the model. Moving a Valkyrie 6" onto a table from reserves allows the base to be completely on the board while having the tail section extend past the table edge by a few inches. This means these vehicles can come on from reserves and fire all their weapons provided they did not move more than 6". This is an exception to the rule that states that a model that cannot completely move onto the table counts as destroyed, and this exception is made to take into consideration the protruding wings and tail sections of the models in question.

Note that the base is also used in relation to enemy models, and as long as the Valkyrie, Vendetta or Storm Raven's base is not within 1" of enemy models at the end of its movement, it is perfectly legal to have enemy or friendly models, terrain, etc. underneath the wing, tail or nose of the vehicle.

For the purposes of contesting objectives and embarking/disembarking from a Valkyrie, Vendetta, or Storm Raven, also measure to and from the model's base.

However, when determining LOS to, shooting at, or assaulting a Valkyrie, Vendetta or Storm Raven, you should use the model itself, ignoring any vertical height the flying stand provides. This means melta guns can gain their added dice for armor penetration if within 6" horizontally of the model. The same holds true for template weapons. If in doubt, take the model from its flying stand and place it on the table to resolve such disputes.

Of course most people playing against Vendettas that are outflanking are going to be unhappy about them being able to move on 6" and fire all their weapons, even though this means that tail and/or wings hang over the edge the table.

Personally I'm ok with this - it's pretty much how I've played them before except at the AoS doubles where I deliberately moved over 6" when outflanking Vendettas in order to ensure that the full vehicle footprint was fully on the table.
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Re: Flying stands rules for Throne of Skulls

Postby Baragash » Sun Jun 05, 2011 11:49 am

Ofc they are because
a) it contradicts the rulebook and the FAQ (so GW has specifically addressed it)
b) the Vendetta is considered by most people to be under-costed as it is
c) IG are an under-powered army [/sarcasm]

Bottom line: it's bad enough that GW some times contradict themselves in FAQs, we don't need other branches overruling official FAQs in quasi-official documents.

Personally I'm not ok with this because I want consistent rulings.
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Re: Flying stands rules for Throne of Skulls

Postby lostandthedamned » Sun Jun 05, 2011 11:55 am

It seems to me that horizantal measuring is an odd way to do things when contrasted with true line of sight.

If your going to have a system based in point to point observation shouldn't this also be the distance measured?

Makes it easier to shoot I suppose (by 1/3 inch per 24" range).

The biggest difference is for deepstrikers.
You could DS nearby (even under the wings if your a Blood Angel) and still be within short melta range without a big risk of a mishap.
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Re: Flying stands rules for Throne of Skulls

Postby KInG » Sun Jun 05, 2011 10:07 pm

And it was the GW tourney team who told us that you only got one shot coming on from reserves. Oh what might have been...
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