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6th ed 40k missions/setups 6 months in

PostPosted: Wed Jan 02, 2013 12:18 pm
by killmaimburn
Now its been 6 months since the 23/VI/12 launch.I’m intrigued by other players opinions (NOT on 6th ed sucks 6th ed rules!!) on which mission/objectives they favour and why.

I love the Scouring (the full version not just fast are scouring shorthand, the full 6 objectives of varying hidden value) on diagonal(preferably although it works for all). I don’t care if my 200 point pure hold base necessary tax turns out to be holding a 1, and my opponent is conveniently sat on a 4 and 2x3s at the start of the game, the idea that none of us have a clue adds a whole dimension to the seize initiative the game completely changes when the objectives are revealed and all the plans need a rethink. It also favours speedy armies (which I generally play).And has such high values (location objectives) involved this is about the only mission where the minor objectives are almost irrelevant…. although even then it has more ways to score than you can shake a stick at.. shooting lone MSU FA is a must, First turn killing that MM attack bike gets you 1 for first blood, 1 for killing something fast and kills a scoring unit that could have swooped onto a 4.

I’ll indulge and say my second favourite is hand egg/the relic.. you can’t castle this one and kill it, or if you do it has to be after half way through the game. You can play midfield denial and just play for the minor objectives hoping that no one is holding the jackpot when the final bell rings. You can win by being fast getting in and slowly crawling back into a shell, or by being hoard dominating the middle, you can play a very tight back and forth draw by just being area denial midfield generic..its lush.

Whilst on the flipside.
I hate, like really rage when the dice roll up.. big guns never tire (heavys score) with hammer and anvil (lengthways) not only can I be facing a long drawn out slog across 48-72 inches, normally by cover of daylight, but also the times this pops up, the person with the 6 leman russes or 3 landraiders (insert multiple av14s here) is the one who knows they’re getting the uneven number of objectives in their half so they set them just short of their backline and there is no choice but to foolishly rush at them, in some totemic version of 4th eds meatgrinder mission. I believe (of 8 ish) I’ve pulled one draw. I could start using vast amounts of outflankers.. I could pour double points into heavy slots.I could hope for nightfights and my opponents not winning putting more objectives down than me..but those things don’t happen and I can’t seem to get passed them once they haven’t.

Early on I looked at the negative, mostly because it popped up around here more often than not, but now same lists have found their safe zones/happy places (things I like)I feel a bit more calm about it all.(trying to avoid fanboi status..but I have found a balance visavis my lists and the format of the missions)

Did others discover a more favourable terms with some missions than others, how did you cope.How massive are the small things?? Didn’t see that coming, nor how flimsy most flyers would be.
Has anyone got around to playing the special missions included in the big book, I haven’t yet.

Re: 6th ed 40k missions/setups 6 months in

PostPosted: Wed Jan 02, 2013 1:52 pm
by ruffian4
Blimey, 6 months.
Have only played 5 games ...

Re: 6th ed 40k missions/setups 6 months in

PostPosted: Wed Jan 02, 2013 2:13 pm
by markb
Five whole games, your lucky! I've managed three. Two of them where the Scouring with standard set ups, is it Dawn of War, can't remember.

Re: 6th ed 40k missions/setups 6 months in

PostPosted: Wed Jan 02, 2013 5:31 pm
Think I have played 4 or 5 games, can't remember any details really!

Re: 6th ed 40k missions/setups 6 months in

PostPosted: Wed Jan 02, 2013 7:39 pm
by Angelwing
Played quite a few games. I quite like the standard mission mix, but the scouring can occasionally throw up a massive uphill struggle / instant loss (bar silly dice) with the random value objectives falling very kindly for one player. In this case, then secondary objectives come into play (kill the hq, get your favourite unit to do well etc).
We've also played a few cities of death games too which have worked well.
I still think that the rebranded KP's suck wind. At least they only apply in one mission.